{jetsetting} coffee in capri

I'm here!  Capri is beautiful.  It's a gorgeous island full of colorful houses and glamorous people.  (Seriously, Italians are so stylish!)  And the fresh seafood is unparalleled.  So far I've had calamari, shrimp, lobster, and fish...it was all delicious.  But, my favorite edible part of Capri is the iced coffee.  I come from America: the land of Starbucks and sugary, icy caffeine-infused beverages galore, but never have I had such creamy, blended ice coffee drinks like the ones in Capri.  They are delicious! 

Tomorrow is the wedding! I'm off to a private boat tour of the island! 

{Top: the Capri shoreline.  Bottom: the best iced coffee I've ever had. twice.}

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