{currently coveting} oh deer, is this weird?

That’s right friends, the little guys that were once reserved for Colorado log cabins and wood-paneled Rotary Clubs everywhere are now a part of luxury decorating.  And I kinda love them.  Is that weird?  They feel like home to me—I’ll always be a country girl at heart...even though I grew up in a civilized University town, it was in Oklahoma after all.  I should clarify, by no means do I want the head of a real animal that has been hunted and stuffed to hang on my wall, but I like the aesthetic of a crisp, white resin one or a fun-patterned one made of cardboard.

I can totally imagine him hanging above the fireplace (gas with fake plastic logs, but a fireplace nonetheless) in my modern downtown Chicago loft. The one that I moved out of a few years ago and which is currently being rented by a guy named Jack who I am sure could care less about color palettes, design features, and plastic deer heads.  But he pays the rent on time, bless him, so no complaints from me.  Anyway! My digs are a bit different now and not as conducive to stylish decorating so I’ll have to hold off on the dear deers, but a girl can dream and plan and obsess. What do ya’ll think? Are deer heads in your decorating future?

deer head

deer head
deer head

cover that deer head with a sweater!

deer head
DIY deer head
{maybe I'll just settle for this...}

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j'taimee said...

Mae, are you being ironic? All I can think is "deer in headlights"....

Mae said...

Aimee, I actually really like the deer heads! They remind me of Oklahoma. You're not a big fan, huh?