{jetsetting} preparing to pack

I'm leaving for a 2 week holiday tomorrow!  Slight problem: I'm not exactly the best packer.  Actually, I'm pretty horrible at it.  I start out with the best of intentions: a few weeks before my intended trip, I put out my suitcase and put a few things in it.  But, then I always wait until a few days before and end up packing WAY TOO much.  Hey, at least I'll be prepared for all possible scenarios--lost luggage, unexpected tsunamis, sudden weight gain, rain, you name it--and I have options.  The bottom line is, I usually end up with a gigantic suitcase and carry-on plus my purse.  It's a bit of a disaster.

{This is usually the scene in my bedroom the night before my trip.}

But, for my upcoming trip I decided I was going to reform my old ways.  I am going to be....a light packer!  Only problem is this is actually like three trips in one.  First, I'm going to a wedding in Italy and that event plus all its accompanying festivities require semi-formal and black-tie dresses but it's on an island so the daytime requires well, island clothing.  And then, I'm going home! America!  (Italy & Oklahoma: two of the most exciting destinations for me!)  That's all about spending time with family, relaxing, going to the lake, and not fixing my hair.  A whole other ball game.  

Back to square one and my gigantic suitcase.

I just Googled "how to pack" and I also found the guide below on Pinterest.   Alright, back to work--I'm going to try to mix & match and pare it all down.  Wish me luck!


I'm obsessed with this luggage:

{Globe-Trotter Suitcase}

{suitcase available here & images via}


Marissa said...

I just posted last week about packing.. take a peak! It's not as detailed/broken down like this is, but I laid everything out and gave some tips. :)


Mae said...

I just checked it out, your post was really helpful! thanks Marissa! I saw the pics from your trip...looks like you had a great time.