My holiday is over and it's back to work this week.  It's a struggle for me every morning, this getting up early & getting ready business.  I can barely open one eye, let alone coordinate a stylish outfit.  When I was working as a lawyer in Chicago, my job didn't start until 9am and I had a car so it was a little easier. Now, I start at 8am and I have to climb up a mountain (I'm.not.kidding.or.exaggerating.) to get to work.  So, there are a few more factors at play. Thankfully, I love the professional look so I enjoy the process of putting together outfits...it's so much easier for me to figure out than casual wear.  Lately though, I've gotten into the habit of relying on my two trusty favorites: the wrap dress and the black pencil skirt/colored shell/black cardigan combo.  But, I have so many other clothes and options!  My holiday has inspired me and I've decided to start putting some more effort into it.  The past few days, I've had some pretty cute outfits if I do say so myself (I've actually photographed them as well, so I promise an outfit post is in the near future!)

I absolutely love this post by J's Everyday Fashion on Office Style Secrets.  Check it out...she shares some fantastic tips & lovely inspiration outfits!

Here are some of my other favorite looks:

{I would wear this outfit everyday if I could}

{casual office wear}

{I pretty much love anything that OP wears}

{unexpected combinations, I would tidy up the look}
If my butt wasn't so big I would love to wear this to the office..
{my new favorite wardrobe staple:  pencil skirts in fun colors!}

Cute office wear
{here's a look from J's Everyday Fashion}

{all images via}


elle said...

to me there is nothing more fun that trying to pull in my more 'fun' clothes in work appropriate outfits. thanks for the ideas! i look forward to following you :)


Mae said...

I agree, Elle! I enjoy trying to incorporate my fun clothes into office wear...usually a blazer can fix anything! thanks for stopping by!

blue elephant photography said...

i love that pencil skirt too!

Mae said...

which color skirt, Kristine? the teal or the bubblegum pink? I love them both!