{jetsetting} cowboy couture

Remember my {currently coveting} post a few weeks ago about the trend of using deer heads in decorating?  Well look what I found!  (Can you tell I'm not in Capri anymore?  I landed in Oklahoma a few days ago.)  I saw this in a restaurant today...the deer is wearing pearls.  Talk about cowboy couture!  Only in the South!  I must say, while I like the idea of using a fake plastic deer head as a decorating piece, I do not advocate hunting live animals and hanging their stuffed heads on the wall.  Reese Witherspoon said it best in Sweet Home Alabama:  'people need a passport to come down here!'

I still love this place, the South will always be my home...pearl-wearing, stuffed deer heads and all!
{cowboy couture at a restaurant in Oklahoma}

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