{currently coveting} ombre hair

I've become a bit obsessed with ombre hair. 
Honestly, I don't know how hot this trend is in the US anymore, but I still love it. 

{this is my favorite.}

I haven't even thought about highlighting or coloring my hair in years (gray hairs excepted, ahem...) I've been quite happy with my dark brown hair that gets a touch lighter in the summer sun.  When I was recently in the US on holiday, I saw a segment on ombre hair on Entertainment Tonight and honestly I was a little surprised at my level of excitedness.  I loved it! 

So what's your verdict on this trend?  Does it just look like a dye job that's long overdue or is it still stylish?

{who is she? she's stunning!}
{love this look for lighter hair colors}
{I just love this look!}

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blue elephant photography said...

i love the last two, drew's and rachel's :)

Mae said...

I love the last one too! And, I think Drew's look would be fabulous for my mom! xx