{dream home} office

All I can think about lately is decorating my {non-existent at the moment} office.  I know exactly what I want.  I think.  I can picture it now:  a white desk, lucite and lots of crystal.  That's professional, right?  Ok, truth be told...I keep changing my mind.  How can a girl decide between all the fabulous design ideas on Pinterest?  Well atleast I've narrowed it down to these gorgeous offices.  I want them all!

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soanthro said...

All of those chairs are just gorgeous. I would lovee to have a home office to decorate and design.

Katy Rose said...

These are adorable office alternatives. I'm especially loving the black library office. If only I had an office to decorate. - Katy

Mae said...

@soanthro I know, right?! I love those chairs too! they add such a special touch. @katy rose I hear ya! I'm so good at decorating spaces I don't have!

sampenner said...

I love pretty office spaces. We need inspiration here, right?! I have a whole pin board dedicated to them. :)

Fashion-isha said...

Oh wow, that purple one is amazing!