my weekend: the big & small of it.

Happy Monday Morning, everyone! My weekend was definitely full of big moments and little fun details.  I told you all I was going to be working on my blog.  And work I did!  You can expect some exciting changes to come in the next few weeks!  I'm really looking forward it, Timbuk2 (had to Google that one) said it best:  the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!  Other than that, I did lots of little things (finally unpacking, watching a movie, shopping with a girlfriend)...they were really quite wonderful.  How was your weekend?

{I finally unpacked.  These are all the shoes I bought in America.  Happy girl!}
{images via pinterest & my iPhone}


blue elephant photography said...

how crazy, no wonder you needed some more luggage lol my weekend went great - you can read mine here ~ http://www.blueelephantphotography.com/blog/
no wonder i couldn't find your site too, you've changed url, finally mentioned it to your mom and she told me about the change ♥ blog looks great!

Mae said...

sorry, K! I didn't realize you were using the blogspot address. my website
www.alltheshinypieces.com has stayed the same (for now!)

your weekend sounds so fun! the engagement session was beautiful...cute couple! and G's birthday party sounds amazing! Filipino Pork BBQ! yum!