{lookbook} the very first OOTD post!

Happy Monday, lovelies!  My birthday weekend cruise was amazing!  (I'll spill details soon...) So in honor of my first post in my new decade, I'm going to be courageous and do my very first outfit of the day!  I'm actually excited, so here it goes!  This is really more a shoes of the day post because I love those bad boys and plus, I have to ease into this whole plaster-my-picture-all-over-the-Internet thing.  (Interesting how I have no problem doing it on Facebook, but on a blog...it feels so different.)  I absolutely love this fuschia dress and the jacket with silver metallic threads woven through it.  But my favorite part of this whole look was my purpley blue Guess wedges with the bow on top...purchased from T.J.Maxx for $34.99.  Love it! 

I actually wore this outfit (minus the gold clutch) to work this past week!  I know, it's a bit flashy especially for the office but sometimes a girl needs a bit of sparkle in her life.   

I have to make a disclaimer here, my outfit posts most likely won't provide links where you can find my clothes or similiar looks.  I do most all of my shopping at T.J.Maxx, Filene's Basement, Loehmann's and the like.  For me, the purpose is not to get you to run out and buy the same jacket I'm wearing, it's just to show you one way to express creativity and hopefully inspire you.  If you want information on any of the clothes, shoes or accessories you see, feel free to write me and I'll tell you what I know!

So...what do you think?!


M.J said...

Love the dress and how you paired it with the blue shoes! Those are my two favorite colors and I never thought of wearing the two together.

Katy Rose said...

Love the dress and these adorable shoes!! You did a great job on your very first OOTD post. Can't wait to see more where that came from! - Katy

Mae said...

@MJ, thanks! It was an unexpected color combo but it really worked, I loved the way it turned out.

@ Katy, thanks so much for your support! Your Blogging 101 series, really helped me!! I'm going to work on posting more pictures of the actual outfit.

Fashion By Alicia said...

Great first OOTD post!

Mae said...

thanks so much Alicia! it was a lot of fun to do! hopefully I'll get some more outfits together soon! xx

Amy @ At the Pink of Perfection said...

Love the shoes!!!