Thank God It's Thursday!  But I miss my Sundays!  Let me explain: here in the Middle East, the weekend starts on Friday and lasts through Saturday night.  Before I would spend my Sundays sleeping in, standing in line at my favorite brunch spot, eating delicious food, and cruising around town...things are a little different now, my Sunday mornings involve waking up at 7 am, getting dressed, and going to work.  I never imagined that it would feel so different, after all what does it matter as long as we're off for 2 days and then go back to work.  But, I'm so attached to my Sunday mornings!  I miss them! 

This weekend, I'm hoping to catch a movie, go to brunch on Saturday and then sit in the local coffee shop to work on this blog.  (The design is coming along, it's just a bit of a slow process.  Thanks for putting up with my simple style for now!)  I love sitting with a creamy cup of hazelnut coffee, my laptop, my iPhone, a few magazines...just watching the world go by, oh and doing some work!  What are your plans for the weekend? 

{this picnic basket + the lawn at the Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago = lovely Sunday}
{report here for a Sunday afternoon read & nap}
{or here}

{let's be honest, all that's really needed for the perfect Sunday}
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elle said...

I could not imagine a better Sunday set of plans...i currently have Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, Marie Claire and Rachel Ray all waiting for me to dive into! I'm thinking...poolside with a margarita :)

What is your favorite fashion mag?


Mae said...

I love them all! But, Marie Claire is my favorite. I don't get any English language magazines here so at this point all of them are my favorite. ;) hope you enjoyed your Sunday!