{thirty.} officially.

All my love to my nearest and dearest who make my life so special.
I accomplished so many incredible things in my 20s: traveled, loved, served, played, helped, learned, enjoyed! 
I'm really looking forward to the new things coming my way!
No doubt it's going to be a fabulous year!  xx

{ps: I'm currently cruisin, this is a scheduled post...obvs}

{pps:  many thanks to the incredibly talented Ms. Lilien for allowing me to use the birthday pic above!}


soanthro said...

Happiest of birthday to you!! Enjoy it xx

Mae said...

thank you so so much! it was truly a wonderful weekend!

LR {sixtwelveplace} said...

Happy 30th! I just celebrated my 30th this past June. So far so good :)

LR {sixtwelveplace} said...

Oh and obviously this is a belated happy 30th, I just found your blog today!

Mae said...

thanks for the wishes! I'm so happy to hear that your 30s are treating you well! I'm excited to see how it goes, but it's been fantastic so far!