{thirty.} photo challenge

As I mentioned last week, in honor of my 30th I'm featuring posts this month (and maybe this year) related to the number thirty.  Today, I'm starting a 30 day photo challenge!  In a quest to bring more creativity into my life (this blog was part of it too), I purchased a DSLR camera a few months ago and have been trying to take more photographs.  It's lots of fun!  It's amazing what a difference a fancy camera makes!  

So when I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course, where else would you expect?!), I knew it would be perfect.  I'm starting the challenge today, although I won't post my daily pictures.  At the end of the project, I'll share some of my favorites.  I would love for you to join me!  Let me know if you're in and send me some of your photos too!

Here's an alternative photo challenge, I might just mix & match between the two!


blue elephant photography said...

oooh i wanna see lots of your photos. actually this is a good challenge it will really help you with camera skills and creativity. i did a 365 but i don't think i will do it again, it's just too long but this 30 day is doable for sure! and the challenges seem so fun too! can't wait to see your photos!

Mae said...

I'm looking forward to the challenge, it sounds like fun and if nothing else it will give me lots of practice! I will send you my photos! The year-long sounds like a bit much, but I'm sure your photos are amazing! Are they up on your blog?