{thirty} wishlist

It's officially birthday week!  
Who am I kidding, I've been celebrating birthday month...but still.  
Just a few pretty things on my wishlist.

1. Have you guys heard of HRH Collection? Her jewelry is stunning & she is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!
2. Well this is a classic case of cart before the horse.
3. So lovely!
4. I'm obsessed with lucite trays!
5. OMG
6. Of all the colors I have in pencil skirts, I don't have one of my favorite
7. Hope I can get my hands on one of these ...they're all sold out!
8. A giant duffel made of sequins. Yes, please.
9. Love these clutches!
10. I can't believe, I still don't have one of these


soanthro said...

Yay for birthday week!! Love everything you picked out!

Mae said...

Yay! it was so much fun putting together my wishlist! thanks for stopping by!