{dream home} coffee table scapes

You all know by now I've been planning and dreaming about decorating my condo once I return to the US.  I've been posting about it a lot lately!  Some of my ideas have been a little questionable, I admit.  My latest obsession over the weekend was coffee tables.  For now, I'm leaning towards an all white living room weaved with metallic and shimmer and a few well-placed objects of color.  Sometimes I think I want a white coffee table and then I quickly change my mind and think maybe metal, or a lucite trunk, or a tufted ottoman?! 

These are some of my favorite looks: 


Deciding the style and color of the table itself is just half the battle.  Then I have to work on the fine details of what goes on top!  I definitely want beautiful little pieces that shimmer and flowers and maybe some trays.  Oh and books!


I'm going to be planning this one for a while.  I just can't decide yet.

Do you all have any experience styling coffee tables?
Give me some advice!

Here are some other fun tips: 

Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal called The-Not-Too-Styled Coffee Table that offers different perspectives and names the five essentials for every beautiful table:  stack big books, vary shapes, get one good candle, striking ashtray, form tableaux

And watch this video by the ridiculously adorable
Alexandra on how she arranges her coffee table.  Love her monochromatic look with pops of shimmer! 


laily said...

Ooooooo love the trunk ...and that space! You inspire me!!!! I can't wait to see how you decorate your condo! Xo

howsheflowers said...

Coffee tables are totally worth obsessing over. I mean, they're pretty much right in front of your face all the time! When I was in the scheming-and-dreaming phase of my apartment decorating, I was bent on a round upholstered ottoman, and was suprised how hard they were to find! I ended up realizing I didn't need the enormous amount of seating I imagined and opted for glass to keep the room feeling open.
Long story short-- totally an important decision. Can't wait to see what you choose!

Mae said...

@Laily, thank you! you're so stylish and inspirational yourself! xx

@howsheflowers, I'm so glad you appreciate coffee tables as much as me! I'll keep you updated on what I decide. Your glass one sounds great!

Viviana said...

These are all so beautiful! It;s hard to pick one. I love the lucite one and I think it would bring out the white and brights in the room perfectly.

Mae said...

I love the lucite too, Viviana! And especially because it's a trunk! It's fantastic & you're right it will pair nicely with the lucite.