{dream home} salle de bains

The bathroom is the one space in my condo that I remodeled before I left Chicago.  It's actually quite beautiful already, but since I'm on a roll dreaming about my new digs, please may I just style a bathroom makeover, too? Merci beau coup. 

I tried really hard to be practical in my picks, because while I would love to have a French antique porcelain tub with 14k gold legs, I know that's probably not. gonna. happen.
But Pinterest is just so tempting! I failed in the practical department.
Maybe I'll be able to incorporate bits & pieces from these luxurious looks I love.

You can find all my favorites over on my Pinterest board. 
Which one's your favorite? 
Here's to a fantastic day darling hearts!

you probably already know this, but just in case
salle de bains means bathroom in French
I've had Paris on the mind lately...

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Viviana said...

Just found your blog via Schue Love and love it!


Mae said...

so sweet, thanks Viviana! I'm so happy you stopped by! I love your blog too!

Amanda said...

That tub is fabulous ~ such a gorgeous bathroom!

Mae said...

Amanda, that tub is the reason for this whole post...it's how it all started! I love it so much!