{fashion files} wintery white

I don't think there is anyone who still believes you can't
wear white after Labor Day.
But just in case you do think that...please, don't.
This is the perfect time to wear wintery white--your skin still has traces of a
summer glow and the classicly chic color pops against the warm tones of the season.
And there's something a little softer about winter white, it's not as harsh as its bright summertime sister.

My favorite accents for white: a creamy caramel, a tawny taupe, or a luscious nude.
Top it off with a dash of black or leopard.  And as a finishing touch: gold accessories.
Done and Done.

How do you plan to wear white this fall and winter?


{just a little dash of yellow. omg.}


{and you should wear this nail polish with your winter white. please and thank you.}

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Hope your weekend is beautiful & bright,


Meggy said...

Nice! These outfits are so lux. I say winter white mixed with that leopard scarf any day! LOVE.

Meggy from Chasing Davies

Mae said...

Yes, Meggy! I agree. White with leopard is one of my favorite combinations!
thanks for stopping by

Kori Donahue said...

Great minds think alike! Lovely picks honey. Thanks for linking up! Kori xoxo

Mae said...

I loved your post on the color camel, Kori! it's the perfect neutral for fall!
enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

I totally agree! White is surely acceptable after labor day! Love those peachy high-waisted pants!

Jen @ A Touch of Lovely said...

I absolutely agree! All these looks are amazing. I'm especially loving the leopard!

Jill said...

Fabulous photo selection. I love winter white, as long as it has that creaminess to it. I just saw a white dress at H&M that I'm coveting hard.

EverydayMomStyle said...

I'm wearing winter white today! Check it out!

Savvy Southern Style said...

Those are great ways to wear white! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Savvy Southern Style said...
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