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I've been thinking about Paris lately...obviously.  But also more specifically glamorous French women, their love for life, and their attraction to all things beautiful.  And the first thing I think of when I think of glamour:  sparkle.  Ok, I know I'm not a teenager but I love glitter!  I fully believe that no matter how old we are, every girl needs some glitz in her endowed-with-meaning life.  Glitter is sophisticated! (Did I sound convincing?)  Really though, a little shimmer never hurt anybody!  Roxy knows what I'm talking about, it's her way of life!  And, Taylor has done a splendid job of describing a glitter girl!

So I perused Pinterest and found a wide range of fun & unexpected ways to incorporate just a little dose of glittery goodness into your day.  I hope you'll pick one of these (or your own) to try this week!  And then let me know how it goes!

 If nothing else, then please will you just make this:

{DIY glitter tape}

What other ways do you bring glamour to your daily life?

Here's to a glitzy, glamorous week
full of love & laughs,

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Viviana said...

I'm dying to bust out my mini sequin skirt for the holidays. It makes me happy just wearing it! :)


Jen @ A Touch of Lovely said...

Ahhhh, a girl after my own heart. I truly believe that a little bit of glitter can brighten any day.

Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Tina said...

i love glitter way too much. i have glitter laying around all over the place, just waiting to be used lol and i actually painted some glitter pumpkins this weekend! do it! i was done in 5 minutes lol so easy.

soanthro said...

Oh my gosh I love all of these mash ups too much. I haven't been able to resist glitter lately! I keep thinking I'm going to get sick of gold sequins soon, but then again, I think glitter is a trend that can never go out of style. I just can't help but feel happy wearing gold sequins :)

natasha {schue love} said...

The glitter tape is SO cute! I'm a big fan of glitter nails too! :)

L.A. in the bay said...

oh my i am so happy I found your blog! Love this post! Love all things glitter!

fancyfunction said...

Ah I can't help myself - I just love glittery things! My new fav is a sequined skirt I just got at Banana Republic. And I'd really like one of those glam glittery skulls for Halloween (sounds a bit morbid I guess, but I think they're very chic. :)

Sarah Roads said...

Glitter just makes everything better. Digging the gold pants for sure. I am loving your blog. xo