{stylish spaces} olivia palermo + {currently coveting} hermes tray

Today's a two-for-one because ya'll are so good to me! 

I love Olivia Palermo.  Love.  Well, I love her style.  Honestly I don't know much about her personal life, but I wasn't her biggest fan on The City.  But really, have you seen the girl's outfits?  The rest is just minor details.  

So imagine my excitement when I was searching for an Hermes tray, my latest home decor obsession, and what do I see on page 2 of my Google search?  Olivia's apartment!  It's gorgeous!  So here it is, my quest for an Hermes tray that will not cost me a fortune (anyone have any ideas? am I living in dreamland right now?) and my love for OP and her stunning home. 

What do you all think? 
Love Olivia's style?  Not so much?  What about her apartment? 
You're loving the Hermes tray though, right?  Right?!

The art deco chair was a housewarming present from her aunt.

“The zebra-print rug is a bold statement, but taking risks is more fun,” says Olivia of her prized walk-in closet.

Olivia topped her sofa with mirrored pillows from Calypso Home “for a little Austin Powers touch.”
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And a few more design ideas for the Hermes Tray

{images via here, here and here}

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soanthro said...

Ohhh my gosh I love this space! And I would do terrible things for an Hermes tray in my apartment...

Tina said...

oh man... i couldnt stand her on the city and i think that is still keeping me from liking her, even her style lol i just think "i cant support this bitch cos shes a bitch!" but her apartment is really cute! id DIE for a hermes tray

Mae said...

@soanthro: I know...I'm going crazy for that tray!
@Tina: you're right, sometimes the personality takes over their style & looks!

thanks for visiting today!

Amanda said...

That tray is amazing! And her space is amazing!

Mae said...

Amanda, I couldn't agree more! I'm obsessed with this tray!

Viviana said...

I love OP AND that tray!!!! True amazingness :)


howsheflowers said...

I feel that chair might be crucial to my personal well-being.

natasha {schue love} said...

Olivia has a gorgeous place...not surprisingly! Love her style too. I agree though, her attitude could use an adjustment.