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Oh my goodness, have you all seen the behind the scenes tour of Who What Wear fashion offices over at The Coveteur?   Talk about style inspiration, these photos are stunning. 

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Welcome to Who What Wear! This is the front desk at reception—a.k.a. the first thing you see when you arrive at WWW headquarters!—we must have tried ninety different version of the logo before we got it right.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>The view from Hillary's desk. On the left is her ipad, which she carries in a Dodocase (it looks like a moleskin notebook) and a Smythson notepad that says Keep Calm And Carry On on the front (a gift from Teen Vogue's Danielle Nussbaum). The chair is vintage and was recovered in black-and-white tweed for a Chanel-inspired look.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>While Hillary keeps most polishes filed in clear boxes in the beauty cabinet, some are too pretty to hide away and are now part of the décor.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>
<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Hillary's go-to day bag—Mulberry's Small Bayswater Satchel—sitting calmly in the reception area. The table is one of Katherine's vintage/flea market finds; we painted the base gold! </span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Bag, Mulberry</span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Dallas Shaw drew this super adorable illustration of Hillary and Katherine for a project with Shopbop. We just love it!</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>A sweet note from makeup artist Erin Smith and Hillary's editing pencils.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>One of the many bookshelves in the office. This one is in reception and primarily holds our magazine collection.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>The lovely view from Katherine's desk.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Katherine has a secret source that she uses for buying vintage fashion advertisements and the Chanel print is one of her finds. (She loves giving them as gifts to fashionable friends.) The globe is also vintage, from the Rose Bowl flea market.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>A few of Katherine's favorite things, including: a Cartier briefcase, Hermès notebook, Céline sunglasses (a birthday present from Hillary!) and a vintage sterling silver cuff, from jewelry designer and curator Hilary Tisch. </span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Sunglasses, Céline; Notebook, Hermès; Breifcase, Cartier; Cuff, Vintage from Hillary Tisch</span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>The candle is from Creative Director Katherine Power, she bought it for Hillary at Anthropologie a few years ago. The books are beautiful, beloved, and often used for inspiration.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Hillary's inspiration/works-in-progress/beauty board. It's a hodgepodge of editorial images (mainly Tim Walker), personal photos, souvenirs (Mulberry stickers from their Coachella party), and an Astrology Zone calendar as well as potential products for future beauty stories.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Behold the bookshelf of Editorial Director Hillary Kerr! You'll find some of her favorite fashion books, a stash of bright polishes, and some fabulous bookends (the top set are from Polly Blitzer of BeautyBlitz.com, the bottom ones are vintage from Etsy).</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>

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Sophie said...

its so amazing isnt it! when i first saw the photos i couldn't take my eyes off them. it looks like the perfect fashion office. i love it :)

and i love your blog! so happy i found it. im following x

Mae said...

thanks Sophie! you're so sweet...I'm so happy you're enjoying it!
And I agree, I just keep looking at these photos. They are incredible!