{lookbook} weekend in Paris...première partie

To say that I am the world's worst packer would be the world's biggest understatement.  To say that I was completely unprepared for my trip to Paris would be the world's second.  It was so. cold.  I was a Chicago girl for 6 years, so I know cold but I think living on the shores of the Mediterranean has done something to my blood!  Also, throw in the mix that I'm now a style blogger visiting one of the most stylishly glamorous cities...that's a lot of packing pressure!  Regardless, I had an incredible trip.  So here's a peak at what I wore.  This is a two part series (hence, the première partie...part one) and I'll feature the rest of my looks later on in the week. 

I didn't have a jacket with me, just a black blazer which got a lot of play!  The first two days weren't as cold, so I got to have a little more fun with my outfits.  The lace shirt has a geometric pattern so it's beautiful and modern.  And that berry tunic with cream colored sequins is yet another T.J. Maxx score!  My leopard flats that I wore on the first day are probably my most favorite piece in my closet, you can barely see them in the first set of photos.  But, I didn't last long in them...thankfully I threw in a pair of tall boots right before I left so that kept me warm for the duration of the trip. 

Hope you're enjoying my Paris week posts so far!

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until tomorrow lovies,


Tina said...

omg so jealous. a trip to paris, how amazing. hope to do so one day. and now taking note of how cold it could be in our "fall" there lol

but i LOVE both your outfits! your necklace in the first post, your dress/tunic/shirt? in the next! fabulous!

Lily said...

How cute !! Love the leopard flats !


SabbyFair said...

I'm so enjoying your Paris posts! Thanks for sharing.

Lynsey Michelle said...

IS the lace blouse Patterson J. Kincaid? I think I have the button-up version... Love.

Lynsey Michelle

Kirstin Marie said...

Wow, what a lucky girl!! I adore your photos. You look beautiful!!!

BethQuahSooJing said...

Haha! Your picture with Mona Lisa :)

Tabitha said...

These pics make me so happy! I'm going to Paris next year after 10 years and I couldn't be more excited.