{stylish spaces} NYC loft

I love the culture section of Vogue ...it's full of beautiful houses and beautiful people.  Have you seen their feature on the stunning home of Devon Radziwill? What a gorgeous NYC loft! Oh my goodness!  My condo in Chicago is really just another downtown apartment with some loftlike tendencies...high ceilings, partially exposed ductwork and semi-open spaces.  So I'm always intrigued by how others decorate their lofts.  As I prepare to head back to the US, I'm slowly collecting pieces of design inspiration.  This is pure perfection.

Isn't her home amazingly beautiful? 
Those of you with experience styling wide open spaces,
do you have any tips to share with us?
Oh and don't worry, I already did the reasearch on the absolutely adorable Devon. 
Google says she's a Vogue staffer and she's married to the grandson of a prince. 
No problem.

I'm so happy to have you here today!
See you soon,

Did you get a chance to see my guest post on
Erika's blog [small shop] yesterday?

It was my first one and it was so much fun!
I'm still so overwhelmed by the love & support
present in the blogging community!
It's fantastic! I've met some truly lovely ladies.

Again,  many thanks to Erika for having me!
And a big thanks to all of you
for joining me every day and for your sweet comments!


Sarah Roads said...

I want to live here. Love the layered zebras and that office! xo

Viviana said...

This place is so amazing. I mean, I guess the wife of a prince and Vogue staffer could swing this! Love it.


Lindsay said...

So lovely! I got so much flak for buying a white couch, but now that I have it it's "Lindsay's couch this" and "Lindsay's couch that". I say go for it. Clear coffee tables are where it's at-- but I LOVE those clear lucite chairs at the dining table!

Erika [small shop] said...

I would love to have all that space! And brick walls! Seems like you could put anything in this space and it would amazing. Ok not totally true but you get my drift - good bones.

Kristin said...

To live in a NYC loft with exposed brick...Le sigh!

Charmaine said...

I die for exposed brick walls! Great pics!