{guest post} Vail Chic

Hello dears!  I'm excited to introduce my very first guest blogger, Marion from Marionberry Style.  This time of year always makes me wish I was in the mountains, curled up by the fireplace.  Can't think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving weekend!  So I'm thrilled that Marion is here today sharing about her home state of Colorado and some gorgeous Vail couture. 

Welcome Marion!

Hi everyone!  
My name is Marion and I publish a very new blog called Marionberry Style.  Mae is one of my favorite style bloggers, thus I was super excited when she asked me to produce an article for her blog!
I live in Colorado.  Denver to be exact.  About an hour away is an incredible, magical place called Vail.  And to be honest...I am obsessed with this place.  I love the fact that you walk the cobblestone streets and within 2 minutes you've heard 10 different languages.  I love seeing beautiful women (usually with their much much older husbands!) sport the latest in boots, fur, bags, you name it.  

Oh sure...you could get away with the ski boots, wool hat and the North Face coat since it is first and foremost a ski town.  But when the lifts close and you and your girlfriends are stepping out for an evening in the village, you'll need to wear something a little more appropriate.  Something beautiful + eye catching + warm + and most of all trendy.  

Here is the outfit I pulled together for a magical evening out in Vail Village: 

A few notes:
  • In most ski towns, it is quite cold at night so this Vivienne Westwood coat would surely keep you cozy.  The color is the focus of the outfit.  A thin, fitted sweater is all you would need underneath (stay away from cowl necks or bulky sweaters).
  • Vail Village calls for something more than your average calf-high boot.  Thigh high boots are very trendy and make a statement.  Your older husband loves them.
  • Just like Mae, I'm loving Tory Burch accessories right now :-)

Thank you so much for reading and thank you Mae for inviting me! 

XO - Marion
Thanks Marion!  
I've got a major case of wanderlust now! 
How gorgeous is that view? And that jacket!

I couldn't help but share a few images of Vail that popped up in my Pinterest feed:

Have you ever been to Vail?
What's your dream destination for Thanksgiving weekend?

Until tomorrow lovies,


Lynsey Michelle said...

I love that you threw in fur in that jacket. We spent last winter in Vail and kept joking about how there were more furriers in that little village than in the entire city of Los Angeles. If you hadn't had some fur in there, I would have been disappointed. Ha! LOVE the look.

Lynsey Michelle

Marionberry Style said...

Thanks so much Mae for inviting me to join you on your blog today! I love the images of Vail you added! Right now, I'm looking our my window at the Rocky Mountains and am smiling bc I know that Vail is just on the other side :-)
XOXO - Marion
PS - And you HAVE to have a little fur (or faux fur) in Vail. It's a must! :-)

Erika [small shop] said...

I have never been to Vail, but I would totally wear all of this here in So. Cal. Isn't that silly? But I'm all about comfort and glam. ;o) Looks stunning, I hope I get there one day!

Susan said...

Love her choices.
And Vail looks just beautiful - I haven't been but have been to Whistler. Similar but different. Definitely not as fancy in the evenings ~

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Ahh, gorgeous. You just got me REALLY excited for Sundance!

Sarah Roads said...

I just left Vail this morning! 3 days of gorgeousness although I did not look so chic. I love everything you picked though, maybe next time!

Brenda said...

hi! Loved this post--I've been looking for great information on Vail to feature on our site. If you're interested, drop me an email at Brenda (at) Dwellable (dotcom)