{thanksgiving} nail art

I must say, I'm not the biggest fan of all the crazy nail art I've been seeing around lately.   It's a bit much.  I'm not quite sure what came over me but when I saw these nail art designs on Refinery 29, I loved them!  I'm feeling the Thanksgiving spirit, and these just fit right in!

{The full tutorials are over on Refinery 29!}

{it's much more likely that I'll try one of these designs first...}

What do you think of this nail art trend?

Will you be sporting it for Thanksgiving?
If you do,  send me a photo...I would love to see it!

One week til T-Day!


Lily said...

Don't think ill be sporting Thanksgiving nails but I do love the all the taupey gray colors (pretty much what I wear at all times) and love the glitter tips as well !


Rebecca @ white-styled said...

Yes, the bottom ones are more me. I have done different shades, different coloured tips and the single sparkly one.
Love the chevron-lik design in black, white and gold, but possibly a bit too ambitious for me.

Tarabelle said...

I really love the nail art trend; i always feel more "fun" when i have my nails done and i find it lifts up my day :) Although I do lean more towards the bottom type designs you show. The one glitter finger look is one of my favorites.

Viviana said...

Love ALL these ideas! The glitter nails are my current favorite.

Marionberry Style said...

Mae - you always have the best topics!
I honestly was just talking about nail art with a girlfriend the other day and we both decided that we are a tad too "boring" to dive in head-first with this trend. The craziest I get is a dark color or some sparkle. Any more than that, and I feel like a poser!
**I do LOVE the options you included on the bottom...those seem a bit more classy!** You're inspiring as always!

XO - Marion

Tina said...

i dont know if im into the nail art trend...the only kind of nail art i like are the ones that require glitter. other than that, not interested lol

Neda said...

Thanksgiving includes too many kitchen activities for me and I'm afraid anything would chip off in a few minutes. I wouldn't mind some glitter for New Years though!! :)

JustPatience said...

This is beautiful nail art.

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L.A. in the bay said...

LOVE fun nails!

Elham said...

not a fan of the nail art but really kinda diggin' the taupe/grey colours!