totally tortoise

It's November!  Oh how I love this time of year...but it's all whizzing by too fast.  I always get a bit nostalgic during these Fall months and start thinking back to the good ol' days.  Every time I see this tortoise pattern I'm reminded of a bracelet I bought in Middle School from a hip & happening store in our little town called 'The Beadery' (it's still in existence and just as cool...) I've always been drawn to the warm coziness of it.  Love the tones: brown, amber, honey...it's very rich and luxurious too.  I was contemplating the MK watch, but ended up purchasing the Anne Klein version instead.  Here are a few beautiful options to add a touch of tortoise to your life:

Do you own any tortoise peices? 
What patterns or colors make you remember the good ol' days?

here's to a warm & cozy November,


Mia Maree said...

LOVE tortoise! This post made my day. You better believe I've had my eye on that MK beauty. The gold and tortoise...I love. And I love the iphone case! I have a bubble pitcher that matches those highball glasses, I believe I found it at Homegoods, steal! You gave me new ideas! woo! Thanks Mae!!

soanthro said...

Tortoise is so perfect for fall, love love love that Michael Kors watch!!

Sara said...

I'm loving the tortoise look right now! I just picked up some tortoise sunglasses.

Lily said...

I have the MK tortoise watch and love it...pulled it out again last night actually because it had been tucked away for the Summer ! Love the iPhone case too !!


Tina said...

oooh i love tortoise. i own a tortoise cuff my girlfriend gave me from DR that i absolutely love and of course, some sunglasses. so chic looking

Amanda said...

Oh, yes I LOVE tortoise and all the pieces you chose for your collage! Such a perfect color for Fall - so warm, buttery, chocolatey and caramel...I'm making myself hungry, haha!
The closet thing I have to tortoise is a cheap pair of F21 sunglasses...but you sure are making me want some more!!
Thanks for stopping by :)

STYLE'N said...

This is great..especially the watch. And thank you for stopping by :)

Natalie Suarez said...

so cute!! LOVE IT :)



Ashleigh said...

I was swooning over a tortoise MK watch on Sunday, loving it. Shut up that bracelet is from Target?? I need! (Oh no, it's out of stock, booooo.)

Tabitha Lynn said...

I have that watch! I love it! And that iPhone case is so cute!

Great picks!

Jessica Wray said...

eeeek! I just love tortoise shell! I'm currently looking for the perfect pair of new tortoise shell glasses! {my current ones are so old and scratched their purpose is almost defeated}