vegetarian thanksgiving {and links a la mode!}

I just gotta say...there's a lot going on over here today!

You guys, I missed that I was selected for IFB's Links a la Mode on 3 November! (This not having a laptop thing is really messing with me! I'm totally out of the loop.)  Such an honor!  Thanks, IFB!  I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to publish the whole list, so I'm trying to get the code so I can make up for it.  Stay tuned.

And, I really wanted to share some vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes with you all too just in case you need some last minute ideas!

Some of you may have seen my tweets about going vegan.
(I shouldn't make such bold claims because I'm still occasionally eating fish, but hey I'm trying!)

So far, it's been easy enough but what's a girl to do for Thanksgiving?!

I started doing some research, 
there's a lot of options for a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast!

The full recipes for all these dishes are over at the NY Times
I realize they're not fully vegan, but baby steps right?

And even if you're not vegetarian, these would still make 
fabulous side dishes for the star of your show, the turkey.

I'll be celebrating on Saturday and luckily 
my dear friend/the hostess is vegetarian, so I know I'll be covered!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?
Any other vegetarians/vegans out there?

Hope these recipes help for all of you 
doing your last minute cooking & prep!

Also, come visit me at the lovely Viviana's blog, Fashion Truffles, today!
I'm sharing some party dresses & fabulous hostess gift ideas

Here's a preview:


Megan said...

That beet salad looks AMAZING! I'm going to have to test that recipe out sometime. As for my favourite thanksgiving dish, I'd have to say it's my uncles white pepper gravy. So delicious!

Franca said...

I've been veggie for 19 years! well, about 14 years, in the last five I occasionally eat fish. Its ethically wrong but so delicious. The recipes all look great, especially the artichoke and spinach thing. We don't have thanksgiving in the UK, but I have a recipe for mushroom wellington that is perfect for special occassions. SO much work though!

Neda said...

Those sweet potatoes look amazing! I'm also loving the red dress...so chic. Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving!!

Viviana said...

Those are some really great recipes! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by FT today :)

Tabitha Lynn said...

Those looks so good! I'm going vegetarian after the new year!

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Yum - would die for that beet salad! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!!!

sampenner said...

So glad you liked my post on LA in the Bay! I love your blog and am now following!