{guest post} travel style

Hi loves!  I know lots of you are preparing to travel for the holidays so I'm so excited that one of my favorite Chicago bloggers, Lesley from Six Twelve Place, is here to share her take on airport style.  I'm all about the comfort, but as Lesley proves you can still look good too!

Welcome Lesley!

For many of us, the holidays mean many hours spent traveling as we head home to visit our family and friends, and of course, Mae will be clocking plenty of airport hours on her move back to the States!  Travel style is all about being comfortable and functional {dang TSA security checks!}  As you prepare for your own holiday travel, take note from my friends Rachel, Gwen and Eva and wear thin layers and comfortable shoes.; pack a chic carry all tote and consider yourself ready to fly the friendly skies.

Thanks Lesley!
You've totally inspired my travel outfit for the long trip home!

until tomorrow,


Viviana said...

Agree with everything Lesley proposes! And I'm in love with that Phillip Lim pullover! Perfect for traveling...

Carly {a simple affair} said...

Oh funny, those are three of my best friends too. Such great ideas. That Givenchy open cardigan is pretty perfect if I do say so myself.




Thanks for having me, Mae! I just linked over. XO

natasha {schue love} said...

Love Lesley's style!! The hoodie is my favorite!!

Tamra said...

Layers are most definitely key!! A big scarf can turn into a blankie. Great outfit ideas!

Neda said...

I love all of the pieces Leslie put together...great choices! I especially love the effortless mix and match factor. :)

Jen @ A Touch of Lovely said...

these outfits look so comfy! i'm not hopping on any planes in the near future, but i'll definitely use this inspiration to finish holiday shopping!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Love Lesley's pics! ;)