{guest post} zebra chic

My dear friend and super talented designer, Mojan, is here with you today.  She is so stylish and sweet and I'm so lucky to know her!

Welcome Mojan!

Hi everyone!  Mae and I (and many of you) share a mutual love for leopard print. It’s definitely well-represented in my tiny closet! Wearing leopard print has become so normal for me that it’s basically a neutral—I no longer associate it with the tacky, over-the-top fashion of the 90s.

Zebra print, on the other hand, I’ve never really embraced, and I’m not sure why. And judging from the fact that leopard print is on every girl outside my apartment but not one of them is in zebra, I’m guessing that I’m not the only one. Designers are doing zebra print right now—but people? Not so much.

So I posed the question on my Facebook page. Why leopard, why not zebra? Most of my girlfriends responded with the same two gripes about zebra print: too bold, too difficult to pull off. One girl said, “Two words: horizontal stripes.” Another said, “Leopards inspire curiosity. Have you ever heard the sound a zebra makes? It doesn’t inspire much more than laughter.”

But I’m the type who always roots for the underdog, so I really want to give zebra print a chance. In my search for inspiring examples, I came across this one of Olivia Palermo—my favorite find, not surprisingly—whose zebra print scarf and crazy stripe sweater are perfectly mismatched and effortless-looking.

And then I found these examples, which my friends might nix solely based on the horizontal-stripe issue, and others might nix on the head-to-toe-boldness issue, and yet, looking at these, I’m starting to feel like maybe I can do zebra after all!

Now I’m on the lookout for chic, zebra print pieces suitable for a kinder, gentler budget, and so far, I’m not disappointed. Check out these finds:

So, are you convinced? Will you be one of the few people wearing zebra print this season?

Or… have I inspired not much more than laughter?

Thank you, Mae, for inviting me to guest post today! 
I hope you all have a chance to visit my blog on design, décor, and style. 
Have a great day!


I'm ready to embrace zebra, Mojan! You won me over with that photo of OP! 

I'll see you soon lovies,


Carly {a simple affair} said...

I'm convinced! I recently added a zebra print cardigan to my closet, and it was the perfect piece to spice up my go-to black outfits. I would love nothing more than to add some more pieces to my zebra collection. Thanks for sharing so many great finds. And how oh so amazing Olivia is in her scarf.



sampenner said...

I had never really thought how disinterested I was in zebra til this post. I see why people rarely wear it- it's very hard to pull off! But with the options you provide, I am becoming a believer. I especially love the zebra tassel slippers from top shop. I think the key is to wear small touches of zebra.

Great post!



Gameday Stylist said...

Love that zebra bathing suit!

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist

Hannah said...

Olivia Palermo can do NO wrong.

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Annie said...

I love the zebra looks you posted...I would definitely try to rock some zebra after reading this post :)

The Other Side of Gray

Erika [small shop] said...

Love this! It's true, I haven't given much thought to zebra outside the home. But it seems like everyone is doing leopard and it would be nice to be different. Loving the touch of it in a scarf or that watch band!

Lynsey Michelle said...

I kinda love zebra print - and adore that image of OP. I have been wanting a pair of zebra shoes for some time, with those IM pumps you have up there top on my list.


alicia said...

not so much a fan of zebra, but that orange maxi is gorgeous.

beth said...

i think the horizontal stripe issue is what has kept me away. if it's not a full body look, though, it totally works for me. love the scarves! you know, i think i'm also not into black/white prints in general unless the balance is skewed far in one direction or the other. 50/50 black and white is not as attractive to me as black w/white accents or white w/black accents. maybe that's why accessories work more for me than larger items? thanks for helping me figure that out - i never would've thought about that much otherwise!

L.A. in the bay said...

love the kate spade blouse