{jetsetting} cowboy couture

Remember my {currently coveting} post a few weeks ago about the trend of using deer heads in decorating?  Well look what I found!  (Can you tell I'm not in Capri anymore?  I landed in Oklahoma a few days ago.)  I saw this in a restaurant today...the deer is wearing pearls.  Talk about cowboy couture!  Only in the South!  I must say, while I like the idea of using a fake plastic deer head as a decorating piece, I do not advocate hunting live animals and hanging their stuffed heads on the wall.  Reese Witherspoon said it best in Sweet Home Alabama:  'people need a passport to come down here!'

I still love this place, the South will always be my home...pearl-wearing, stuffed deer heads and all!
{cowboy couture at a restaurant in Oklahoma}


{jetsetting} the dress!

The wedding was amazing!  I hope to share more pictures of my island adventures soon, but for now I wanted to show you the dress!  Oh and Capri is just beautiful and the bride, my cousin, was stunning.  It was so wonderful to spend time with my nearest and dearest.  The groom's family chartered a boat for the day before the wedding and we took a tour of the island.  So fun!  Besides that we ate seafood, pasta & delicious gelato, laid in the sun, and frolicked on the island all weekend long!

However, the weeks leading up to my trip were a bit hectic because I had to find an island wedding appropriate dress.  That's hard enough as it is, but throw in mix the fact that I live in a foreign country that's not exactly known for it's couture style and my stress levels were peaking.  But thankfully, it all worked out in the end.  I'm so happy with my dress, it was a lemon lime colored, one-shoulder dress with a big flower.  It suited my style perfectly.  I ordered it from ASOS, which I must say is a fabulous company!  What do ya'll think?  Do you like it?  Have you ever ordered from ASOS?

{I finally decided on this dress from ASOS.  It was so comfortable and easy to dance in!}


{jetsetting} coffee in capri

I'm here!  Capri is beautiful.  It's a gorgeous island full of colorful houses and glamorous people.  (Seriously, Italians are so stylish!)  And the fresh seafood is unparalleled.  So far I've had calamari, shrimp, lobster, and fish...it was all delicious.  But, my favorite edible part of Capri is the iced coffee.  I come from America: the land of Starbucks and sugary, icy caffeine-infused beverages galore, but never have I had such creamy, blended ice coffee drinks like the ones in Capri.  They are delicious! 

Tomorrow is the wedding! I'm off to a private boat tour of the island! 

{Top: the Capri shoreline.  Bottom: the best iced coffee I've ever had. twice.}


{jetsetting} preparing to pack

I'm leaving for a 2 week holiday tomorrow!  Slight problem: I'm not exactly the best packer.  Actually, I'm pretty horrible at it.  I start out with the best of intentions: a few weeks before my intended trip, I put out my suitcase and put a few things in it.  But, then I always wait until a few days before and end up packing WAY TOO much.  Hey, at least I'll be prepared for all possible scenarios--lost luggage, unexpected tsunamis, sudden weight gain, rain, you name it--and I have options.  The bottom line is, I usually end up with a gigantic suitcase and carry-on plus my purse.  It's a bit of a disaster.

{This is usually the scene in my bedroom the night before my trip.}

But, for my upcoming trip I decided I was going to reform my old ways.  I am going to be....a light packer!  Only problem is this is actually like three trips in one.  First, I'm going to a wedding in Italy and that event plus all its accompanying festivities require semi-formal and black-tie dresses but it's on an island so the daytime requires well, island clothing.  And then, I'm going home! America!  (Italy & Oklahoma: two of the most exciting destinations for me!)  That's all about spending time with family, relaxing, going to the lake, and not fixing my hair.  A whole other ball game.  

Back to square one and my gigantic suitcase.

I just Googled "how to pack" and I also found the guide below on Pinterest.   Alright, back to work--I'm going to try to mix & match and pare it all down.  Wish me luck!


I'm obsessed with this luggage:

{Globe-Trotter Suitcase}

{suitcase available here & images via}


{currently coveting} oversized clutches.

I'll always be a Southern girl at heart:  I like my sunglasses and my hair big and my bags even bigger.  There's something so chic about an oversized clutch thrown under your arm.  Good thing I'm going to America soon!  It's on my shopping list.

{sequins. daytime. yes, please.}

{oversized clutch or no, she's amazing.}

{orange leather. gold hardware. what's not to love.}

{for the 9 to 5ers}

{ok, it's not oversized. but it's incredible, it's lucite, and it belongs to Olivia Palermo.}

{floral fun for summer}

{all images via my pinterest}


{jetsetting} capri. evening.

rehearsal dinner in Capri

My cousin's island wedding is next week in Italy!  These styleboards for the rehearsal dinner & wedding were my inspiration when I went shopping, but it's not the easiest thing to find a dress in this country that's not my own.  Stay tuned for pictures from my trip & to see what I end up wearing. I still haven't decided yet!

wedding in Capri


{jetsetting} capri. daytime.

I'm jetsetting on over to the island of Capri next week for my cousin's wedding! Here are my styleboards for the weekend's daytime looks. I'll post my inspirations for the rehearsal dinner & wedding tomorrow!

frolicking in Capri

boat ride in Capri


lovely lucite

Clear, crisp, crystal.  I love lucite furniture.  From the designs below, it's easy to see that it blends seemlessly into any style--classic, modern, or in between.  I could go on and on with photos, but I'll share these favorite few.

{I love the classic styling of the settee and chandelier against the modern lucite.}

{an unexpected combination of warm wood and cool lucite. love it.}


{this is by far my favorite use of lucite. gorgeous kitchen.}

{omg. lucite trunk.}

{all images via my pinterest}


{well said} dream, darling.



{currently coveting} oh deer, is this weird?

That’s right friends, the little guys that were once reserved for Colorado log cabins and wood-paneled Rotary Clubs everywhere are now a part of luxury decorating.  And I kinda love them.  Is that weird?  They feel like home to me—I’ll always be a country girl at heart...even though I grew up in a civilized University town, it was in Oklahoma after all.  I should clarify, by no means do I want the head of a real animal that has been hunted and stuffed to hang on my wall, but I like the aesthetic of a crisp, white resin one or a fun-patterned one made of cardboard.

I can totally imagine him hanging above the fireplace (gas with fake plastic logs, but a fireplace nonetheless) in my modern downtown Chicago loft. The one that I moved out of a few years ago and which is currently being rented by a guy named Jack who I am sure could care less about color palettes, design features, and plastic deer heads.  But he pays the rent on time, bless him, so no complaints from me.  Anyway! My digs are a bit different now and not as conducive to stylish decorating so I’ll have to hold off on the dear deers, but a girl can dream and plan and obsess. What do ya’ll think? Are deer heads in your decorating future?

deer head

deer head
deer head

cover that deer head with a sweater!

deer head
DIY deer head
{maybe I'll just settle for this...}

  {images via}


where the heart is

Almost 2 years ago, I moved to a little city in the Middle East to do my small part to serve humanity and help build a better world.  It's been incredible...by far, the best decision I ever made.  Even so, I miss America.  Every day really, but today especially.  In honor of the 4th, we had a super fun BBQ on the beaches of the Mediterranean this weekend.  It was heavenly.  But my heart was with ya'll back in the land of Sonic, TJ Maxx, customer service, baseball, and family!  Hope everyone enjoyed the fireworks & the lake...and I hope someone drinks a Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic for me today!

giant cupcake


Picture 15 -  luis monteiro


{well said} your ship.