{Daily Buzz Style 9x9 Challenge} Day to Night Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone!  Something new & a bit unexpected happening here today!  
I was selected to participate in the Daily Buzz Style 9x9 Challenge and I'm so excited because 
this month it's all about transitioning our makeup look from daytime to night.
I LOVE makeup, love it...so this was especially fun for me. 
Plus, I would like to incorporate more beauty posts here, so let me know what you'd like to see!

This is a tutorial of sorts, but honestly it is so so easy! For me, nighttime makeup means one thing: smoky eyes.  And since I'm loving the metallic trend I wanted to add a touch of that too.

{This is my basic daytime look: concealer / mineral foundation / bronzer / mascara / chapstick.  
This is the base of where we'll start to transition into a nighttime look.}

{Step 1: add eyeliner to inner corner of eyes only and base shadow of gold.
I used MAC sunrise.}
{Step 2: It's so simple. Use black kohl liner for the smoky eye.
I literally just draw it onto my eyelid and blend, blend, blend with my fingers. 

I used a cheap eyeliner from F21.}
{don't be afraid! just draw the liner onto your lid and blend!}

{You can then touch up the gold shadow again and blend some more!
Then sweep highlighting powder under the arch of the brow. 

You can see it's darkest at the outer corner and gets lighter as it fades in.}

{I added a little lipliner & gloss and that's it! My final nighttime look}
{I achieved this look using only 3 extra items for my eyes.
I added eyeliner, base shadow in gold, and a white highlighting cube}

We're not going to start at the beginning. This process assumes that you've already put your face on in the morning (concealer, foundation, powder, blush and mascara). You all know how to do that already! So here's where I come in, when you've been wearing the makeup all day. You're still pretty :) you just need to get back to a fresh palette. Use oil blotting sheets or if you don't have any handy, use the toilet seat covers in your office bathroom...works perfectly! Then a dusting of loose powder. Lovely!

By the end of the day, you will have lost some of the color in your skin so there's a need for more blush or bronzer...just add some to the apples of of your cheeks.  Smile and swirl! Sometimes I like to add a quick sweep down the bridge of my nose too.

For me, the eyes have it. Smoky eyes is the quintessential nighttime makeup look. I like it to look a bit messy and smudgy so I usually use a black kohl pencil because it smudges easier. You can put on a thicker line and smudge it higher up on the eyelid to make it look like shadow.

The base of any smoky eye should be a lighter color swept all over the lid. Then the darker color should be heaviest at the outer corner and fade as it comes in towards the middle of the eyelid.

When your eyes are the focus, you should downplay your lips. But that doesn't mean you should forget them completely! Draw a thin line of nude lipliner to accentuate the fullness and a clear lipgloss or one that's a few shades darker than your natural color.  Don't be afraid of lipliner! If used correctly, that is the lipliner is drawn on your natural line and not outside of that, it will make your lips look full and luscious. Even a tad outside your natural line and you'll look like you stepped out of 1991.

I'm a huge fan of a bit of shimmer, I think it's essential for your nighttime look. You can use shimmer powder to accentuate cheekbones and under the arch of your brow. If you don't have shimmer or highlighting powder, then just use white or pearly eye shadow. It's all the same thing!

that's it!
do you have any other tips to share?

don't forget to check Daily Buzz Style on Thursday to see how the other bloggers went from day to night!

Also, one last thing: I'm over at Walks with Bella today. The always stunning Tamra let me take over her blog to share my style for an upcoming destination bachelerotte party I'm heading to in a few weeks! Pop over to check it out.

have a lovely day,

A quick note: I do not believe you have to spend a fortune on makeup to achieve the look like you want. I don't want to vouch for one product over another, so my focus was on technique, not the actual products. Personally, I think it's more important to invest in beauty products to treat your skin...night cream, eye cream, face wash, et al...rather than the color products. 


Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

You look beautiful on both but that smokey eye looks gorgeous on you!

Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

Okay, I don't know a whole lot about makeup, but you make it look easy!

Heather said...

LOVE this tutorial. I love the gold with the smokey eye. Playing with make up is my favorite.


Tamra {ever swoon} said...

Wow, you are a makeup professional. I love both looks. I definitely need that eyeshadow. Thanks for guest posting today!

One Stylish Day at a Time said...

Beautiful lady - you have the most gorgeous eyes!

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

Great tips. I LOVE that smokey eye!

Elle Sees said...

I love eye makeup, so I was all over this posts, new follower alert :)

Lynsey Michelle said...

Ummm...I want tips on how to make my eyelashes look as AMAZING as yours. Gorgeous.


Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...


Meg {henninglove} said...

gorgeous make-up! seriously you look amazing

TheTinyHeart said...

I love smokey eye makeup but I couldn't do it as well as you! This was a great tutorial!


Fashion By Alicia said...

Great tutorial! I am not great at doing my own makeup, but I will try this look soon. Love it!! You look amazing.

Neda said...

Gorgeous make-up! I love your tips and the eye make-up looks stunning because you have beautiful eyes!! :) xx

Alexa said...

Beautiful. Looks so fresh and beautiful.

Medge said...

You look stunning! your makeup is beautiful!


Erika [small shop] said...

Love the smokey eyes and gold shimmer for evening! I'm going to try that!

The Fashionable ESQ said...

That's a really easy & pretty smokey eye. I wouldn't have thought to put actual liner on my eyelids. You look pretty :)

- The Fashionable ESQ


Taylor said...

Love your makeup! I have never known how to do a smoky eye - I need to get more adventurous with my make up and try this. I'd also kill for long lashes like yours!

Gameday Stylist said...

Oooh so fun!

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist

cheryl denise said...

Your eye makeup looks fab - interesting concept of application, I would have never guessed!!

a peek of chic

Ly said...

I love the colors you put together for the eye make-up and you lashes are amazing.


L.A. in the bay said...

You did an AMAZING job!!