{guest post} smart shopping with Carly

I'm off to Austin my dears and I couldn't be happier that adorable Carly is with you today.
She is a sweetheart and super cute and just the best.
I'm so lucky to call her my friend.

Welcome Carly!

Hello lovely readers! Carly here from the life and style blog a simple affair!

I was so excited when Mae asked me to do a post on her fabulous blog.  I am constantly inspired by her outfit posts and not to mention her as an individual for starting her own jewelry line.  Have you checked it out yet because I just received Vaida in the mail, and it is fabulous. I plan to wear this beauty with pretty much everything. Okay back to why I'm here today.

I would like to think that in the past few years I have become a smarter shopper.  Is there such thing you ask? Well, of course my answer is yes because I'm titling myself as one.  In high school, I would go to Forever 21 and Target frequently and buy in bulk.  No I don't need 10 pairs of half see-through leggings from Target.  I could have done with one pair from lululemon and saved some money because those repetitive purchases really add up after awhile.  I also used to be guilty of finding something I love and buying it in mulitple every color.  Well, my friends, those days are gone.

Today I want to talk about investment pieces.  More specifically, a quality pair of skinny jeans, watch, and clutch.  The rest of the items are under $50.  Take away the blouse, and they are under $40.  Remember to always shop with a coupon and then that lowers the price even more.  You get where I'm going here? There are pieces worth investing in and pieces that are spot on with the trends, yet for a fraction of the price.

Investment pieces: skinny jeans // watch // clutch
Under $50: blouse // cap toe flats // bangles // bracelet // earrings

Why these pieces are worth the investment:
1. I wear black skinny jeans with pretty much everything.  I want a pair that will not fade over time, stretch easily, or start to rip at the seam.
2. I would have to go with the cost per wear rationale on the watch.  I wear this watch every day, and it is truly one of my favorite accessories.  Obviously it's functional so that's another plus.
3. Clutch.  Don't get me wrong, I love a great top-handle or shoulder bag, but they're getting a little bulky for me.  k.slademade pieces are handmade with natural leather and beautiful fabrics.  I would argue that there is a pattern or color combo for every personality.  And this is a piece that will last.

So what do you think? Are these pieces you would be willing to invest in?
Thanks so much for having me, Mae!

xoxo Carly


Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

The clutch Carly!! ;)
Love these pieces, the blouse is so pretty and love the watch too. I'm with you, is better to invest in some good quality pieces that can be paired with some more affordable ones, great post!

john said...

Really very nice stuff there.. From where i can get all this stuff, plz let me know the Store Hours.

Carly {a simple affair} said...

Safe travels my dear! Thanks so much for having me! xo

judy said...

When I realized I was buying repeats....I stopped buying!!! I've learned we don't need a closet full of stuff, just a few good staples, then the fun stuff and work it around for creative outfits!I guess this comes with age and personal growth. Great post.

Becca | Lowlife Couture said...

I shop by this same theory!

Viviana said...

YES! I love the light pink, black, and gold combination in this outfit.

Safe travels, Mae!

Gameday Stylist said...

Love those bangles : )

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist

ari said...

Love this look. I would totally buy each of those pieces.. I have that watch and I wear it EVERYDAY! Definitely a worthy investment.

One Stylish Day at a Time said...

Loving the pop of floral Carly! Great choice.

Natalie said...

Such great tips! I love those flats!

L.A. in the bay said...

totally agree Carly! everyone needs a pair of classic skinny jeans. As well as a Michael Kors Watch. I bought mine a while back, and it's white with diamonds, but now I am MUCH more feeling the gold. Maybe a new one is in order!

Taylor said...

so true about the investment pieces and not splurging on the rest! great outfit!

Audrey said...

I CANNOT believe that those flats are from Old Navy! So cute and practical! I have been needing to retire my '06 MJ black skinnies as they have finally began to lose their color...maybe the JBrands will replace them! Darling outfit!

xo Audrey

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

Perfect post from the super stylish Carly! I agree 100%-invest in quality. I think black skinny jeans are the most versatile item, definitely. And I love those cap toe flats, might have to grab a pair of those!

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