what I wore yesterday

{staple 1: Zara Plaited Shopper // staple 2: Max & Chloe Monogram Necklace // latest love: RayBan Wayfarers}

I had an outfit post scheduled for today, but let's be honest I think we've all seen enough of my face this week!  Plus, I took so many photos for my jewelry boutique debut, I don't think I can muster up another smile/pose...well, until next week that is.  But, I really wanted to show you my outfit from yesterday because I loved it!  So I created this exact replica.  Ok, not exact replica: my shoes didn't have bows, my link necklace was cream not black, and my tshirt was neon pink but I wished it was neon yellow...like I said, pretty darn close ;)  
I purchased my very first piece of neon clothing this week and while I love it, I need to balance it out with neutrals. At first I had leopard booties on, but the weather was so unbelievably beautiful I just had to wear my magenta flats.  I was running around yesterday preparing all your orders to be shipped (yay!) but I took a little break for a DIY glitter manicure. Love

{just in case you needed proof...}
{DIY glitter manicure: paint tips of nails with clear polish and literally dip into loose glitter! 
Seal with another coat of clear polish.}

what did you wear yesterday?

Happy first day of February!

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Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Love your manicure, so so cute!

TheTinyHeart said...

Your glitter manicure is adorable. And I am coveting that monogram necklace, I've wanted one forever!


Heather said...

LOVING the bright yellow/green shirt. Also loving your nails and bracelets!


Natalie said...

Loving this! And your staples are divine! Definitely need to invest in both. :)

Viviana said...

Love the magenta shoes and the manicure!! You're always so stylish, Mae! xo

Fashion By Alicia said...

Love your flats! I think I need bright color flats ASAP!

Le Chic World said...

Very cute and comfy looking combo! I like the tortoise shell ray bans too! always considered them :) xo

Lynsey Michelle said...

So cute! And congratulations on your jewelry shop, lady. Looks so great! xx

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

I just got my Max+Chloe monogram necklace and I love it! I have to stop myself from wearing it all the time.
Your outfit looks like it was really cute.

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Love your outfit, way cuter than mine. I'm currently in a Paris hoodie and yoga pants, jealous ;) jk.


Marionberry Style said...

So pretty Mae! Love the pop of color in the shoes.
And I need to try the DIY glitter mani. The kids at school would love it :-)

XO - Marion
PS - I'm doing my first trend challenge - you should join in! :-)