{guest post} take it or leave it?

Hi ladies! (and my 5 male friends who read this!)
I'm off to Chicago today for my dear friend's Indian wedding! I can.not.wait.
My girl Miranda is here today. She is just a doll & sweet as can be, I'm so happy she's here with you!

take it away love

Hello all! Miranda here from One Stylish Day at a Time. I was really excited when the gracious Mae asked me to do a guest post on this blog last week. Could Mae be anymore of an inspiration? She has lived abroad, started multiple businesses, is a seriously smart lady (a lawyer!), runs this fabulous blog, and happens to be one of the sweetest and most friendly people in the blogisphere. How she does it all, I'll never know.

Anyways, all flattery complete, I'm here today to get your guy's opinions. We all know the fashion world is ridden with trends: the what's "in" and what's "out". However, there have been some bad trends out there (mall bangs anyone? How about parachute pants?) that nobody spoke up against to stop. Before we all invest in this season's trends, let's take a minute to figure out whether or not they're worth diving into. What do you think about this spring's biggest trends, take 'em or leave 'em?



Thanks for sharing pretty girl!
I'm still undecided about florals and pastels, but neon...yes please!

I can't wait to share snippets of the gorgeous wedding with you all!
hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

until next time,


Fashion By Alicia said...

Have a great weekend Mae! I love the good and the bad selections especially the neon. The neon bad reminds me of clothes I wore in second grade!!

Marion said...

Ha! Love this. And I agree on all accounts here. Floral Doc Martens are just kinda weird...

XO - Marion

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

I love that neon is still in, but I'm ready to embrace the spring pastels!! Great guest post my dear!

Eloquent English said...

I love them all as long as you go with the 'good' column! xoxo A-

chic, moda, glam... said...

Love your outfit posts! You have a beautiful jewelry line :)
I'm a new follower!
Hope you have time to check out mine too!


Kristin said...

Love your take it options! That neon yellow bag is delish!

shandimessmer said...

take all of them:)

Lili said...

hahah - awesome post!