{fashion files} summertime blues

Confession time: I am a bad dresser in the summer.
Well let me rephrase that, I have no idea how to dress for warm weather.
Give me a cool fall night and I'll show you a stylish & chic outfit.
But as soon as the weather gets hot, I'm clueless.
Who can think about looking put-together when you're melting?!
I don't really like to wear shorts, so most of the time I'm in dresses. 
I just feel so limited.
If I could wear one outfit all summer long, it would definitely be this:

so please help a sister out
what do y'all wear in the summer?
what's your go-to outfit?
do you wear shorts? pedal-pushers?


the bachelorette party in Dallas was amazing!
so wonderful to spend time with one of my closest childhood friends
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time
my heart is full


Christianna said...

Oooo, I love summer and dressing for it! Lot's of sandles, dresses, shorts with boots, and scarfs (light ones). Or pants with a really summery top, maybe I'd roll the pants up a bit? Hope this helps some? Oh, and you could wear tights under shorts too!

Samantha George-Realtor said...

Love that outfit! I like the idea of casual tanks that you can dress up or down.


Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Cute outfit! I live in denim shorts in the summer, and just added a couple of color ones ;)

Colleen said...

I love the outfit!

I used to hate shorts but then I discovered J. Crew chino shorts and I have never looked back. My friends make fun of me because I have them in almost every color. They're incredibly comfortable and flattering. For the evening, I live in my boyfriend jeans that I can dress up or down with jack rogers or wedges.

I would die to try pulling off the romper look except i doubt that's in my near future!

Morgan Stone said...

This is a great summer outfit! I'm a sucker for dresses throughout the summer because it keeps me nice and cool when the weather is hot.

Rachel Lynne said...

This is such a cute look! I would love this to be my summer wardrobe as well. I agree that it is easier for me in the fall and spring because of the weather, although I do enjoy my summer wardrobe. Unfortunately sometimes I just want to sit in my bathing suit all day when it gets hot!


Eloquent English said...

That yellow skirt is lovely! Love those ballet flats too! xoxo A-

Tabitha Mahoney said...

I wear maxi dresses and love them.


Fashion By Alicia said...

I am not a very good summer dresser either. I hate shorts but sometimes I have to wear them because I am so hot. I typically wear a dress or skirt with a tank top (nothing exciting). Love the look you selected.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, dresses are a must for me because I HATE hot weather. They're so easy and cool. :) I love the outfit you posted too!

Viviana said...

I live in tank tops, skirts, and summer dresses!

JMc said...

Adorable look! I don't feel put together in the summer either. I would rather wear a dress or tank and skirt any day!

Taylor said...

I have the exact opposite problem - I only know how to dress in the summer!! I live in dresses, skirts, and just recently incorporated shorts. Get some basics and you can always throw on a white tank and a necklace with anything like the pic above!! glad you had such a great weekend :)


so anthro said...

Haha I'm totally the opposite! I only feel especially comfortable in the summer. I live in high waisted skirts, v-neck tees, and flat strappy sandals :) Oh and tons of printed or embellished sundresses!

Nicole Rene said...

Ahh that outfit is adorable! I loveee skirts like that & have wayy too many in every color imaginable!

judy said...

T shirts with everything, pretty toes for sandles or flip flops, crops or almost knee length shorts, flowy skirts and the summer maxies, but in a soft fabric, nothing knit in these hot months. Short shorts don't look so good unless one is 15, ok a 23 yr old can do it. I just think the longer length short is more flattering and can be dressed up. Simple jewelry and a great bag.

Marion said...

Love this look for summer. I am a sucker for yellow + skirts...so I just need this girl's hair and body and I'll be good to go! :)
XO - Marion

Lori Supek said...

loving the rompers these days, paired with hoop earrings and a statement bracelet, sandals by day, heels by night!!!