{wear that room} floral + dalmation

Oh Pinterest, you always know how to steal my heart. Just flash me an image of a crisp living room filled with floral art and dalmation-patterned chairs. Swoon. Pops of pink + gold in the room and the outfit are the perfect accent. 
Don't you just love this room?!

here's to a wonderful week, full of lots of pretty!


Sadie + Stella said...

Gorg. Love the outfit and the Jamie Meares room!

Landi Lausen said...

Love it!! That dress is adorable. I'm really liking that living room image. I'm going to stalk your Pinterest now, see ya!

Nat said...

Gorgeous! Such a cute dress and I love those chairs!

Heather said...

AH I love this! I love the take of the room decor in an outfit. Really love the abstract floral print dress paired with the dalmatian print shoes. Never thought the two would go together but they work.


Fashion By Alicia said...

Love! That dress is so gorgeous!

Taylor said...

you always put together the prettiest outfits mae!!

Lexi said...

Those shoes are fantastic!
♡ Lexi
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Sarah Roads said...

I would SO wear this room. As much as I am a neutral lover I am crazy about this...just would need an appropriate destination. Not an outfit you blend in in : )