ombre love

It started with my love of ombre hair

And from there, I've officially become obsessed with all things ombre

Are you trying the ombre trend?

food // nails // home // clothes // hair
so many options!

until next time,

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Lisa said...

Very cool! There's so much here to love!

Michelle said...

Love all of this!

Amanne said...

Your heart looks great! It's actually one of the few ombres I've seen done right.

Krystal said...

it is def such a fun style!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

i want my hair to look like this

Xo Megan

Annie said...

LOVE this post! The ombre nails are SO cute, and the cake - delicious AND stylish? Amazing :)

The Other Side of Gray