Currently Loving

one // 
Emerald green nail polish, yes please!

two // 
If Fall doesn't get here soon, I am going to freak out. 
I really wish I was wearing that outfit today, crunching around in those leaves. 
Please hurry.

three // 
Loving all things with a mirror finish. 
I'm on the hunt for a mirrored dresser like the one above.

four // 
I may or may not have bought 4 pairs of statement earrings this weekend. 
All of them were on sale, so that really only equals 2 pairs right?!

let's make it a fabulous week,

this is still happening!

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Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Love that look, can't wait for fall!

Nicole Rene said...

Oh my gosh that nail polish color is gorgeous & so perfect for fall!

Heather said...

OOOO those metallic green nails! Total nail envy right now. And I'm def. loving that leopard print coat!!


Rachel Lynne said...

I also can't wait for fall! Love her look too :)

Rachel’s Lookbook

Lisa said...

I'm ready for fall too. Love that coat!

Carly | a simple affair said...

Could not agree more. I am craving Fall. Why does it have to be the shortest season?