{fashion files} sperry topsider

I know, I know...I'm way late to the party -- but I finally got a pair of Sperrys!  I had never even tried on a pair before yesterday, but within 5 minutes of walking in the store and trying them on...they were mine! Man, they are comfortable! I had no idea. And the super (super!) cute salesgirl assured me they are not even really summer shoes. She said I could wear them well into Fall! Perfect! Well, as we all know I am so over summer and so ready for Fall to be here. So I've already been dreaming of outfits for my new kicks!

Here they are! My new Sperrys!
And the outfits I whipped up to go with them!

{left} :: sweater (affordable similar) // jeans // scarf
{right} :: sequin cardigan (I'm obsessed) // jeans 
{middle} :: sunglasses //  crossbody bag (affordable similar} // bracelet // Sperrys

Just planning these outfits makes me so excited for crisp nights, pumpkins and football!
How many more sleeps til Fall y'all?

So tell me, do you own Sperrys?
What are you wearing them with?

And before I bid you a fabulous weekend, one more bit of exciting news!
Speaking of Fall, my new collection is almost here! YAY! 
So you know what that means...in order to make room:


Natalie said...

I wear my Sperrys with EVERYTHING -- I love your pair and your outfits you put together!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I love mine! They're not Sperry though, got them via Madewell ;)

Landi {Freckled Confessions} said...

I don't wear mine as much anymore... but I had about 3 pairs in high school that I wore to school EVERY SINGLE DAY. They were my FAVORITE shoes and so so comfortable! You'll not be disappointed with these babies! Love the gold ones... I always had neutral colors!

ashlyn williams said...

i absolutely LOVE my sperrys & these gold ones are nothing but cuteness!

have a great week girl!

Jennifer said...

HI Mae! I have the dark brown ones, but I love your gold ones! It took me a while to break them in-- (put cloth band-aids on your heels the 1st few times...) Have a great weekend!

Allison said...

Love the gold sperrys! I wore them in high school, but didnt wear them at all in college. I'm glad i kept them though bc i feel like they are back in style!

JKT said...

Loving BOTH pairs of sperrys. I want them both! Happy Friday, girl! :)

Clare C. Whitaker said...

Great inspirational photos and I love your gold sperries! I never had a pair...I always stuck with LLBean shoes/mocs. Great outfit pairings! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

Twirling Clare

Nicole Rene said...

Haha I probably should own Sperrys and after reading this I'm tempted! I have some similar that are shiny gold though and they are my favorite! I love wearing them to work or just on a summer day! And definitely think they are for sure something you can rock all year round!! Cute outfits you put with them! :)

PolkaDottyPlace said...

The best thing about your Sperrys is that they go with anything! I've worn them with dresses, shorts, crops, skinny jeans - you name it! They are so comfy and cute!! Welcome to the club :)

suan zhang said...

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