Quick Tips :: Closet Organizing

Don't you wish your closet looked like this?! 

In between one of the craziest weeks I started to organize my closet.  I know I always say it was a crazy week but seriously: I returned from Montreal late Monday evening. Straight into meetings all day Tuesday. And Wednesday was the most random day. I've often joked that I have multiple personalities....well, a careful review of the day's activities might just confirm that. Young professional meeting in the morning, lunch with the voice of our University's football program to review the upcoming season (YES!), afternoon coffee about the community's non-profit organizations, an invitation to be a judge at a pageant, and topped it all off with a Yanni concert.  Ran-dom. Just typing that out made me laugh, I love all the layers of my life. Anyway, all this to say that I had a lot going on but I still managed to go on a major organizing spree! No excuses ;)

Here are my quick tips for getting that closet in perfect shape for Fall!

What tips do you have for organizing your closet?
Please do share

hope your weekend is wonderful,

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Marta said...

Wow, great idea!! Thanks for your advice :)

Lisa said...

I wish I had that closet too! An organized closet makes me very happy and at peace.

I don't have any closet tips....my closet is fairly organized..but really full as I hang nearly EVERY garnet, including my nightie and lingerie!

gi-gi said...

I swap out my closet by the season and arrange by color. Suits & dresses for work are in one section and they are placed as to when I wore it last so I know what is next in the rotation.

Pic makes me want to re-do mine now.

Rachel Lynne said...

Great tips! I definitely need to invest in some better hangers to improve the look of my closet and save space!

Rachel’s Lookbook

ambika said...

Like gi-gi, I swap out clothes. So the true winter clothes (heavy sweaters, boots, velvet, wool) are all stored away. Frees up a lot of space!

Taylor said...

I wish my closet looked like that! great tips though - I live for the thin fuzzy hangers they make a world of a difference!


Northern Style Exposure said...

i need to edit so badly, my dressing room is out of control. great post!

Kat Tanita (With Love From, Kat) said...

such a great post - that picture is gorgeous!



Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Great tips! I hang my clothes according to their length: from the longest sleeve to sleeveless, and from the longest jean to skirts and shorts. The only thing I color coordinate is my lingerie drawer ;)

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

I love those thin fuzzy hangers. the only way to go. Great tips!