Shop 'Til I Drop

I don't know what's gotten into me lately but I've been doing some serious online shopping. 
Although, all were things I needed (ok, and few I've just been seriously coveting) 
Here's a little peek at my haul

1 // I wanted this specifically for layering under number three in the Fall. 
2 // I have wanted this bracelet for so long! At first it was sold out online, but now it's mine.
3 // It took me a long time to find one that I love but this is perfect. And such a great price.
4 // I don't know if I've told you guys or not, but I love animals on clothing. Give me a giraffe printed blouse or a zebra printed scarf any day! Here's an affordable option
5 // My workout routine is pretty boring, just walks around the lake. So I've decided to add Zumba. Of course a spicy new routine calls for spicy neon kicks!

And now that it's August, I've got some fun news!
This is officially my birthday month so 
I'll be featuring lots of giveaways all month long....starting next week!

Can't wait to celebrate with y'all


Natalie said...

Yayy you finally got the J.Crew bracelet! You'll love it! Nothing wrong with a little online shopping every once in a while. ;)

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

omg i want that bracelet, and the cute tortoise shell one with the frog! and i love the gingham shirt!

Taylor said...

happy birthday month :) looove the shirt and the vest! definitely needed those things!


Farah of Legally Stylish said...

I recently added zumba to my workout routine too. Doesn't it make working out so much more fun?