fashion files // leather sleeves

I've recently decided this one of my absolute favorite trends of the season...leather sleeves. Adds just the right amount of sophisticated edge to blazers and even t-shirts. To say I'm loving it, might be an understand because I'm seriously obsessed. (no seriously, that's the most overused style blogger word, ever.) But I've just yet to meet an item of clothing with leather sleeves that I didn't like!

In other news, I am just so excited that Fall is here! That's really no news though. It seems the weather down South missed the memo, as our temps have still be in the 90s. But that hasn't stopped me from decorating with pumpkins and wearing my boots (around the house...) Work and life are catching up with me big time, it seems I'm always running. And I have been quick to just let some (big) things just go lately. Sometimes a girl just needs a break, no? I'm happy as a clam though and soaking up the good times.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Shop some of my favorite leather-sleeved favorites! Some affordable, and some not so much


Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I'm not 100% on this trend yet, but you found great pieces ;) YAY for Fall!

Marion Green said...

I find myself loving leather-anything! So definitely a fan of this look. I think it adds just the right amount of edge to an outfit (also love the chanel brooch in your earlier post!)
Hope you're well Mae!!
XO - Marion

Jen said...

I'm still trying to decide how I feel about this trend. I do like the ones you found though, especially the surplus jacket with leather sleeves.