Fall DIY To-Do List

1. Ok so this isn't technically a DIY (unless you can sew!) but it is an upgrade ;) Prep up any old sweater in your closet by taking it to a local shop to add your monogram. My bet is you can add this lovely little detail for about $10.

2. I can't think of anything more glamorous and cozy than glitter pumpkin candleholders. Check out this fabulous tutorial.

3. Captoe booties, heels, flats....doesn't matter the style I love this look! It's so easy to recreate, just tape off the toe of your favorite shoes, cover the rest in a trash bag secured with tape, and spray away!

What projects are on your Fall to-do list?


Heather said...

OOO I love the pumpkin candle holder!


Lindsay said...

I bought some beads at Michael's and am planning on creating my own jeweled collar out of an old oxford! If I could actually sew I would make myself a Peter Pan collar as well.