love it or leave it // the turtleneck

YAY or NAY?!
The first thing I think of when I hear turtleneck is stuffy old outfits from the 80s. Anyone else?
But I think we'd all agree these stunning ensembles are anything but. 
What do you think? Will you all be wearing turtlenecks this fall and winter? 
I think my favorite look is under a blazer! 

And so excited to announce the winner of the Julep giveaway is Susan! Congratulations! I'll be in touch soon!

happy weekend my dears

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Susan said...

Thanks so much Mae!
And I'm a huge turtleneck fan. Always have been!

Jen said...

LEAVE IT! lol. Just the sight of a turtleneck makes me pull at the collar of my shirt. They make me feel like I'm being strangled. I love a good scarf, but no thank you to turtlenecks!

Amy @ At the Pink of Perfection said...

LOVE it!! There is a fine line in between chic and 80's though...

Angela Martin, cc said...

LOVE IT for warmth only. I wore my one-and-only turtleneck to the (freezing) movie theater on Sunday night.