Guest Post // Holliday Favorites

I'm thrilled to welcome my friend, Hailee Holliday, to the blog today to share her festive favorites!

Hello Mae Badiyan readers! I'm Hailee and so happy to be here talking about the three things that are catching my eye this year...bows, bling, and fur. From sparkly eyeshadow to trendy coffee mugs, these items are a must for any fashionista's wish list this season. If you were born with glitter in your veins like me...I'm sure these "Holliday" favorites will keep you extra warm and full of cheer!


That Kate Spade watch is on my list! Love it! 
How adorable is that monogram mug...and under $10!
Thanks so much for stopping by Hailee!
See y'all back here tomorrow for a sparkly Friday's Fancies! xx


Lisa said...

Very cute things, Mae. The ivory sweater with the black collar looks exactly like on I picked up from a fancy consignment shop!

Katy said...

Hailee, this post is great! Do you have your own style blog? I just can't believe how small of a world it is... Mae, I started reading your blog because I heard that you were a lawyer/fashion blogger, and I'm currently a 3L/fashion blogger. I had no idea you went to OSU! I'm originally from Stillwater, but moved to Ohio to go to college...and Hailee's aunt happens to be my godmother. Crazy! Sorry for the long comment, just wanted to say hello!