Pastels vs. Brights

Which do you prefer... pretty pastels or bold brights?

I'm just trying to work on wearing more color in general, but I think I lean more towards brights.

so excited that Spring is right around the corner!
Happy March!

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Y'all are so sweet! 


{guest post} earring love

Happy Wednesday dears! 
If you're here and reading this, it's a miracle! I messed up big time last night. Something to do with DNS servers and host names and I have no idea what. As far as I can tell, my website was (maybe still is?!) redirecting to Google! Oh my!
It's kinda funny actually and really a bit sad. Well, you're here... so YAY!
I hope to get this fixed as soon as possible!

The good news is that my girl Viviana is here with you to talk earrings.  She's such a doll...beautiful, sweet & great style. 
I'm so happy she's here with you today!

Hi, luvies! I'm Viv from the life and style blog Fashion Truffles and I'm so glad to be here today!  I'm sure many of you have already noticed, but Mae is one of the sweetest blogger ladies out there and I always look at her blog for daily fashion, style, and decor inspiration. And now a little shopping too! Have you checked out her jewelry boutique?!  Now, on to business...
Jewelry holds a special place in my heart. I have more necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings than I would care to admit, but it's never enough. Are you like me?! A special pair of dangly earrings are usually a go-to accessory for me since they can add just the right amount of umph. A LBD or a simple jeans and t-shirt look can really be elevated with the right pair of earrings.

Suzanna Dai long drop earrings, $175, Kendra Scott 14k earrings, $60, House of Harlow 1960 dangle earrings, $57, Alexis bittar earrings, $475, Suzanna Dai long drop earrings, $195, A Peace Treaty dangle earrings, $245, Annette Ferdinandsen mother of pearl earrings, $155, Mawi drop earrings, $495, Dannijo dangle earrings, $395, Lara Bohinc chain earrings, $595 Miss Selfridge chandelier earrings, $13, Forever 21 filigree earrings, $5.80
A big thanks to Mae for inviting me over today! And don't forget to stop by Fashion Truffles for more daily fashion and style inspiration! xo

Thanks Viv!
I've been seriously coveting a pair of Kendra Scott earrings. They are gorgeous and affordable!

until tomorrow,

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what do you think of my new labels in the sidebar?
In my state of panic last night, I decided to tackle a little Photoshop project
I know, I'm actually crazy
Turns out I'm better at Photoshop than web servers. And trust me, that's not saying much!
at least I got some pretty new labels :)


{fashion files} stylish scarves

Of course scarves serve a utilitarian purpose when the cold winds are blowin'
But lately, I've been obsessed with accessorizing with scarves.
It feels so Parisian and chic. Seriously, I feel like any outfit is pulled together effortlessly with just tying on a scarf.
What do you think of this scarf street style?

My current favorite is this gorgeous scarf from Leigh & Lucca
It's called the Rome Triangle and it's the perfect shade of gray with hot pink
love it.

Are y'all loving scarves as much as me?

one more thing:
I'm over at The Vault Files today
Gorgeous Gaby let me share the contents of my makeup bag
so fun!
pop over and check it out!

hope you have a fabulous day!
almost March, can you believe it?!



life lately {via Instagram}

Life has been good lately. Really, really good. 
I'm so grateful but wow, it's been busy!
I've been traveling, spending time with friends new & old, and building my business.
Here are some snippets, courtesy of my favorite app Instagram.

 new cat eye sunnies // wore stripes with pearls + neon // wore stripes with chains + orange // purchased cork flats with patent poppy bows (love)

received the most beautiful gift: a fuchsia + gold sari from India to wear at my dear friend's wedding // visited my girlfriend in Austin, she's a doctor with secret interior decorating skills // spent the whole weekend surrounded by my favorite girls, tea and lots of laughs // my new car finally arrived. finally.

I hope you've all been doing well!
I had fully intended to catch up with blog reading this weekend but life had other plans for me.
I'm coming to visit you & your beautiful blogs soon!

Oh and one more thing:
new designs are coming to my jewelry boutique this week!
they are just gorgeous...stay tuned!

Happy Monday,

I'm seriously addicted to Instagram.
You can follow me at @maebad
And leave me your info in the comments below, I'd love to follow you!

Linked: a {little} dash of ash


{Friday's Fancies} Hollywood Glamour

This week's Friday's Fancies was one of the most fun I've participated in.
There's something so dreamy and luxurious about old Hollywood. 
Rich, deep and dark. It's just lovely.

And dreaming up an ensemble inspired by old hollywood glamour...well what more could a girl ask for.

Deep reds, rich black with pops of sparkle and gold. 
I can't think of anything much more glamorous than old Hollywood.

hope you have a lovely weekend!
I'm on the road again but hope to be back and settled (for a while at least) on Monday

until next time,

{style inspiration} reese witherspoon

I've always been a huge fan of Reese Witherspoon, 
ever since her days as Elle Woods.
But have you seen her lately?!
She looks incredible!



Formal, casual, awards show, running around...she's such an inspiration!
And that hair!

Don't you just love her?

Happy Thursday girls!

I'm really grateful for all your comments and insights on yesterday's post. So interesting!
I knew you were a smart bunch! And it was especially nice to hear from some who don't usually comment but felt compelled to because of the topic. Thank you for sharing! Your perspective, love and daily inspiration mean so much to me! x


{mullings & musings} google friend connect

I've been thinking about writing this post forever.
This is a life and style blog so that means flowery words and pretty pictures, design tips and styling advice.
And I love that stuff. All of it.
Additionally the blogging world offers so much more...a community. A wonderfully supportive community.
There are certain aspects that I'm a little uncertain about though, so I wanted to open it up to you all.

One of the biggest things I've been mulling over is Google Friend Connect.

What's up with this competition about the number of followers a blog has?!
Does anyone actually care? Is it indicative of how creative an individual is? Or is it just a popularity contest? Does it 
affect advertising and sponsorship opportunities?  Isn't it kind of like cheating to just go around following other random blogs 
in Poland or Italy so they'll then come follow you?
Honestly, I join every single blog that has that GFC widget, whether they have 7 followers or 700. 
{Mostly because I've been there before. Well, never at 700, but certainly at 7}
I want to support those ladies, and I don't want anyone to have hurt feelings because they only have 50 followers. 
But I have to wonder, do they have hurt feelings? Maybe it doesn't matter to them? Are there actual benefits to joining a blog 
both for the reader and the blogger? I'm just confused about the point of this whole thing.

So tell me, what's the deal with GFC followers? Is it a marker of success? 
Does the number make you want to read a blog any more or less? 
Does it affect the way you view the blog? 
And more importantly, the blogger herself?

And now I leave you with some gorgeous Spring outfit inspiration. This is a style blog after all. ;)

enjoy your day loves,

I acknowledge this was a totally, totally random rambling. I apologize if it was offensive to anyone in any way, that's not my intention.  I think it's important to open a dialogue because if there's one thing I know it's that bloggers are incredibly talented, intelligent and creative women. It's our responsibility to examine what's happening around us and strive to make it better, in all aspects of the world and our lives.  Ok, don't worry...back to our regular routine tomorrow! :)

(love this linkup!)

{guest post} Louboutin's Anniversary Celebration

Happy Tuesday my dears!  My friend Tamra is here with you all today sharing a fabulous soiree!
Not only does she write a blog, she's also an entrepreneur with her own event planning company!
A girl after my own heart, she is just adorable and so sweet
I'm so happy to have here again

Take it away love

Hello lovelies!! I'm Tamra of the little Manhattan lifestyle blog walks with Bella, and proud owner of the event planning and styling company, ever swoon.  Mae is an absolute doll, and I'm excited to be back here with you wonderful readers again.  ever swoon's website and blog will be launching in just a few short weeks and I couldn't be more thrilled!  I plan to kick off with a launch party sometime in the spring and recently came across some swoonspiration!! 

I heart Christian.

The celebration was styled to perfection, giving the feeling that the party has been going on for quite sometime.... which I guess you can say 20 years!

The pops were inspired by details in some of Louboutin's infamous stilettos.

Michelle Harper pairs her expression with Zac Posen's gown perfectly.  SWOONTASTIC.

Rock Out.

Swoon-overload.  Disco balls, Louboutin boxes, millions of red string.  Event detailing at its best! 

This party was a huge success because every thought that went into the event infused the brand's experience.    
Each guest was transported to a Louboutin wonderland.  

The same planning process should be used towards weddings and all events.  
Ever Swoon's mission is to ensure your brand or your love story is experienced from planning start to the end of the event.  

"Passionate Planning.  Extraordinary Experiences.  Life Celebrated." - ever swoon

Sign up for ever swoon's newsletter for updates on all things swoon worthy, and follow us on FB and Twitter to learn about swoonology!

Thanks for having me over, Mae!!  

x - tamra


{well said}

It's been a really crazy/busy past couple of months.
No complaints, I feel very blessed.
So many changes, new ventures, and exciting projects!
Even though it's all been generally positive, 
I think we can all use a little encouragement every now and then.

These are my current favorite Pinterest words to live by.

What's inspiring and encouraging you lately?

Happy Monday!
hope it's a fantastic week,


{Friday's Fancies} let's fly away...

It snowed this week.
A lot.
So as you can imagine, I was thrilled that Friday's Fancies 
is all about flying away to a dream destination 
and creating the perfect outfit to wear while there.

My destination choice: the Fiji Islands. 
Warm. Tropical. Sunny.
My outfit choice: yellow midi-length skirt, perfect white tank for day time, 
and some bold fun accessories to add for a night out.

So....when's the first day of Spring again?!

Where's your dream destination?
Are you ready for warmer weather?

have a fabulous weekend loves!
I'm still living it up in Austin, be back Monday

hope the sun's shining where you are!


{guest post} smart shopping with Carly

I'm off to Austin my dears and I couldn't be happier that adorable Carly is with you today.
She is a sweetheart and super cute and just the best.
I'm so lucky to call her my friend.

Welcome Carly!

Hello lovely readers! Carly here from the life and style blog a simple affair!

I was so excited when Mae asked me to do a post on her fabulous blog.  I am constantly inspired by her outfit posts and not to mention her as an individual for starting her own jewelry line.  Have you checked it out yet because I just received Vaida in the mail, and it is fabulous. I plan to wear this beauty with pretty much everything. Okay back to why I'm here today.

I would like to think that in the past few years I have become a smarter shopper.  Is there such thing you ask? Well, of course my answer is yes because I'm titling myself as one.  In high school, I would go to Forever 21 and Target frequently and buy in bulk.  No I don't need 10 pairs of half see-through leggings from Target.  I could have done with one pair from lululemon and saved some money because those repetitive purchases really add up after awhile.  I also used to be guilty of finding something I love and buying it in mulitple every color.  Well, my friends, those days are gone.

Today I want to talk about investment pieces.  More specifically, a quality pair of skinny jeans, watch, and clutch.  The rest of the items are under $50.  Take away the blouse, and they are under $40.  Remember to always shop with a coupon and then that lowers the price even more.  You get where I'm going here? There are pieces worth investing in and pieces that are spot on with the trends, yet for a fraction of the price.

Investment pieces: skinny jeans // watch // clutch
Under $50: blouse // cap toe flats // bangles // bracelet // earrings

Why these pieces are worth the investment:
1. I wear black skinny jeans with pretty much everything.  I want a pair that will not fade over time, stretch easily, or start to rip at the seam.
2. I would have to go with the cost per wear rationale on the watch.  I wear this watch every day, and it is truly one of my favorite accessories.  Obviously it's functional so that's another plus.
3. Clutch.  Don't get me wrong, I love a great top-handle or shoulder bag, but they're getting a little bulky for me.  k.slademade pieces are handmade with natural leather and beautiful fabrics.  I would argue that there is a pattern or color combo for every personality.  And this is a piece that will last.

So what do you think? Are these pieces you would be willing to invest in?
Thanks so much for having me, Mae!

xoxo Carly


{fashion files} navy + black

It was so fun to see everyone post about red + pink yesterday, 
it got me thinking about another unexpected color combination: navy and black. 
It's a look that's been done time and time again, but really who doesn't love it. 
It's true high fashion. I mean seriously, check out this street style!

I put together a few looks of my own:

Do you wear navy and black?
Do you agree that it's stylish or do you think it clashes?

I'm off to Austin (again!) tomorrow
for a girls weekend/destination bachelorette party
So looking forward to spending time with my favorite ladies!

The adorably sweet Carly will be here with you tomorrow
And I'll be popping in for Friday's Fancies before the weekend

enjoy your day my dears,

Because I totally forgot to post about my Valentine's Day specials 
until late in the afternoon yesterday, I decided to extend for just one more day.

Here's the scoop:

14% off all jewelry orders from my store until 11:59pm tonight!
use code: lovemae

20% off all Mary Kay skincare and makeup orders until 11:59pm tonight!
browse & order here: www.marykay.com/maebadiyan


{lookbook} red + pink = love

It seemed easy enough, pair pink and red for a little Valentine's Day outfit love.
Pink is my favorite color so I thought I would find plenty of options in my closet.
(I'm not a huge fan of red but I knew I had some accessories)
So I started searching....and searching...and the only pink items I found were 
this old tshirt from the Gap and a faux pashmina scarf I got from a bazaar in Turkey.

I turned to my red + pink outfit from Friday's Fancies last week for inspiration. 
I pulled out my favorite Forever 21 striped blazer and got to styling. 
Pearls and a popped collar...really makes everything better.

Happy Valentine's Day my dears!
hope your day is filled with lots of chocolate and pink!

here's to love,

To show my love and appreciation, there's lots of fun happening today only:

Visit my jewelry store for 14% off your order!
use code: lovemae


Visit my Mary Kay site for 
20% off all skincare and beauty orders!

Linked: EBEW + BDIB
and so excited to be participating for the first time in
The True Beauty Files


{wear that art} turquoise + red

A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to collaborate with my dear friend & super-talented artist Misha to transform one of her works of art into an outfit look.  I've done it with a room, why not with an art piece! I've been loving red lately (obviously...) 
On Friday, we saw it paired perfectly with pink and now this look is so fresh with the turquoise and pops of gold. 

Where else do you find inspiration for your outfits?
Home decor, art, nature...the options are endless!

In other exciting news, did you notice my new header?!

I'm so thrilled/anxious to be consolidating and simplifying everything 
into a single Internet home  (that's coming soon!) 
So the look may continue to evolve but as promised, 
nothing's changing here content wise...just a pretty new name & design.

If you could please do me a favor and bookmark
It's live now! and soon everything will be moving there!

here's to a fabulous week,

are you getting ready for the big day of love tomorrow?
what are your plans? please do share!

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{Friday's Fancies} Red + Pink

Some may say this color combination is cheesy but I say it's lovely...and chic!

It's all about red + pink this week for Friday's Fancies!
It's such a bold yet soft, lovely combination
Seems perfect for spring and summer!
I loved styling this mix of colors so much, 
I designed 2 looks

Which one is you favorite?
Would you wear this color combo even after the big day?

hope you have a fabulous weekend,


be my golden valentine

I love February! So much love and cheer all around.
The classic red + pink color combo is quintessential 
but I'm loving pops of gold to celebrate this holiday of the heart.
What's not to love about glittery, glamorous gold for Valentine's Day?

Are you a classic girl or are you going for the gold next week?

see ya back here tomorrow for a pink + red Friday's Fancies!
it was so fun, I created 2 outfits!