{currently coveting} Prada Saffiano Lux Tote

Over the past few months, I've become obsessed with this bag

Are y'all loving it as much as me?
I'm not usually one to spend a mortgage payment on a purse, 
but I really can't help myself with this timeless piece
So help me decide! The pomice gray or the black?

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{Friday's Fancies} Summer Date Nights

The past few months have been insanely busy. No complaints, but man what I wouldn't give for a sweet summer date night. 
Just relaxing + a bit of excitement, surrounded by my favorite friends or maybe just one special one ;)
I would most certainly keep the outfit simple and light, just like the evening. 

What's your perfect outfit for a summer date night?
Be sure to stop by Long Distance Loving to see how other bloggers would style their night out.

And before I send you off for the weekend, I must share the fun new summer baubles that are available on my boutique! I finally got them up!

Here's a little peek:

{how perfect are these for summer date night!}

{I'm so excited to be slowly adding more pieces to the boutique besides jewelry. 
I've got a few clutches up now. Summer scarves and a few select clothing pieces coming soon!}

Alright my dears, enjoy your weekend!
Can't wait to hear about your date night plans!
As always, from a very grateful heart...thank you for stopping by today! 


{currently coveting} tibi

No doubt you've heard of the brand, Tibi by now.
I would love, love to add these 3 tops to my collection.

And while I'm at, I'd love this dress and are you kidding me, these pants too!
Please and thank you.


{Guest Post} Summer Wedding Inspiration

I have SEVEN weddings coming up in the next few months so I'm thrilled that my girl, Lauren, is here with you all today sharing some summer wedding inspiration.  If you haven't checked out Lauren's blog yet, you must pop over there. She is one stylish lady, I'm constantly inspired by her! 

Welcome Lauren!

Hey there Mae Badiyan fans! I'm Lauren from Stylized Existence, filling in for Mae today so that she can get a much needed blogger-day-off! If you've never visited my blog, I use my little slice of the internet to post style tips and outfit ideas for "real" women. I feel very passionate that every woman deserves to look great, even if she can't fill her closet with luxury duds. Today I wanted to give you two budget-concious, chic, and colorful looks that would be ideal for any Summer weddings that you have coming up! Both looks have a variety of interesting pieces that pull together to form stunning outfits. Which look is your favorite?

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

Thank you Mae for allowing me to take over your space today. I think you are *wonderful* and quite an inspiration! Keep up the good work, lady!


{Friday's Fancies} Special Guest Star!

It's a super special edition of Friday's Fancies today.
I'm beyond excited to have the creator of FF herself guest posting....welcome {av}!
She's a true delight, a source of encouragement and seriously one of the sweetest ladies I know!
Such an honor to call her my friend!

Hello there! My name is {av}--and most days, you can find me blogging at {long distance loving}! I'm thrilled to be standing in for Mae today and sharing a little springy outfit inspiration. Since I started the Friday's Fancies link-up, it allows me to try out the trends before I rock them myself. I'm lucky to have ladies like Mae linking up loyally to have her guidance as well ;) Budgets aside, I would love to rock the ensemble below...

1) Thakoon nails it with this stunning Striped Printed Jersey Maxi Dress. This pattern makes a great canvas for bright neons to be added to this ensemble!
2) Since I know Mae loves monograms like me, this BaubleBar Extra Large Acrylic Monogram Necklace was a no-brainer. I love the idea of rocking my initials in a bold hue!
3) Sure, I could have chosen another bright piece, but this Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby Aidan Bag kept calling my name. It could bridge multiple seasons and hold its own with any outfit.
4) Another versatile spring+summer piece, these Rachel Zoe Gladys Flat Sandals are simple yet refined--making them ideal for this look.
5) This BaubleBar Neon Braid Bracelet would be the perfect addition to any "stack". It brings the neons to life without overwhelming the rest of the outfit.

Want to join in for Friday's Fancies in future weeks? Click here to join the mailing list for themes!
Many thanks to Mae for having me here today :)
Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
xoxo {av}


{fashion files} palazzo pants

The past couple of weeks, I've been having fashion flashbacks. 
First the jean jacket and now palazzo pants!
Who remembers when they were popular in the 90s?!
I am quite simply obsessed.  To me, they seem pretty on par with maxi dresses.

I've been on the search for a pair I love for a while now.
Well, I couldn't find any so I'm excited to announce that 
I'll be carrying a scarf print pair of palazzo pants {similar to the pair above} in my online boutique soon!
Stay tuned...

here's to the good ol' days!


Prada Marfa

How many of you have heard of Prada Marfa
Have any of you been there? 
It's a permanently installed artistic sculpture in the shape of a {fake} Prada store, 
and it's located way in the middle of nowhere {aka Marfa}, Texas. 
And, I'm obsessed. 
Just look at these photos!

I know there's a famous photographer associated with some of the more well-known Prada Marfa pictures.
Do y'all know who it is?
I don't know which, if any, of the above can be attributed to him.
{these all came from where else, Pinterest}
My first exposure to it & still one of  my absolute favorites is the sign hanging in the Van der Woodsen home in Gossip Girl.

Would you incorporate a Prada Marfa sign in your home decor?
I would love to hear who's visited & who else wants to go!
Road trip!

have a fabulous day,


{Friday's Fancies} Pretty in Pastels

When given a choice between pastels and brights I tend to choose bold brights. 
It's not that I don't like the soft, pretty shades I just tend to gravitate towards richer hues.
I was having a hard time dreaming up an outfit for this week's Friday's Fancies
So of course, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and I found this amazingly adorable photo:

and this!

BEE never disappoints
then, I found pastel pink & mint green for the home too

I'm hooked!

Here's my pretty pastel outfit

Of course I had to add a little edge with the black leopard cardigan
How cute is that?!

hope you have a lovely weekend
full of lots of laughter

I totally forgot, it's Friday the 13th!


{fashion files} the denim jacket

I never thought it would happen, but I'm actually becoming cold-natured.
I used to be constantly hot and now I'm in a perpetual state of freezing.
So even though it's sunny & warm outside, I'm still looking for the perfect, light layering piece.
And there's only so many cardigans a girl can wear. So I started contemplating getting my denim jacket out again.

What do you girls think? Is it still stylish?

Are y'all wearing denim jackets?
If I know a few others are, I won't feel so much like an 8th grader ;)

until next time,


{fashion files} little white dress

How perfect are these little white dresses?
{and I couldn't resist throwing in the drawing from Inslee}

I've been obsessed with finding appropriate & stylish summer wear and the LWD is definitely a staple for warmer weather.
Aren't you so proud of me, wandering outside of my all-black comfort zone :)

do you own a LWD?
what's your summer go-to?

happy Monday dear ones! 
hope it's a fabulous week,

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{Friday's Fancies} flower power

This photo was {av}'s inspiration for Friday's Fancies.
Can you blame the girl...florals, bright pops of pink & yellow...it's lovely!
So, I got to styling.  
Here's my dream flower power outfit

I love pattern-mixing stripes & florals! 
(If I can get it together enough, I have an OOTD scheduled for next week that's the perfect mix!)
In this outfit, I kept everything else soft & neutral so the colorful garden theme of the D&G shirt could be the star.

Are you wearing florals?
What's your key to making it look young & trendy instead of old & frumpy?

have a fabulous weekend!
I'm off to a cultural event tonight & a bridal shower tomorrow


{fashion files} the mullet skirt

What do y'all think? 
Love it or leave it for the mullet skirt trend?
In theory, it seems fun but I think I may be too short to pull it off.
Although I'm excited for sunny weather, I'm not looking forward to the heat. 
Admittedly, I'm not very good at styling summer outfits so I'm hoping the mullet skirt may spice up my summertime wardrobe.
I've yet to find one that I like though, any suggestions?

hope it's a fabulous day,

thank you once again for your insightful contributions to the discussion on your motivations behind blogging and the consumer aspect of this world. as always, I enjoy hearing your perspectives and feel so grateful to be a part of such an uplifting community of women!


{mullings & musings} Why I Blog...

A few months ago, I wrote about an aspect of the blogging world that I've been thinking about a lot...Google Friend Connect, specifically and following blogs, in general.  Well I'm back today to examine an issue at the heart of it all: why I blog. Like many others, this started as a creative endeavor. Just for fun!  As this blog has grown, so have my skills and it's been even more fun learning to make this blog just a little snazzier. A lot of time goes into it, so at first I was excited and eager to attempt to monetize my blog. While I do still have some affiliate links and marketing, I have started to re-examine. I struggle some with the materialistic aspect of blogging. Please don't get me wrong, I love to shop! And I love to find good deals online and stylish new pieces. I get this inspiration from where else but other fabulous bloggers. I even have an online shop so I'm contributing to this culture too. 

But for me personally, I have to find a way to reconcile and balance this with my desire to help make the world a better place. (I donate a percentage of all my profits to a charitable organization that works with children locally & internationally...so I hope that helps, but it's still not a solution.) 
I don't have all the answers, I just know it's a process and I'm still trying to figure it out.  That's why I wanted to open it up to you all.  I would love to hear your thoughts on why you blog and what you think about the culture we create as bloggers.  Even if you don't have a blog, do you constantly feel the urge to go buy something because you saw it on your favorite fashionista? Bloggers and readers a like, do you feel you have to constantly purchase the next it item to stay current and on trend?

Can't wait to hear your thoughts, input & observations!
And now, the obligatory pretty picture! ;)

lots of love

As I said last time, I'm just trying to open a discourse and bring another level to blogging. 
I sincerely hope this doesn't offend anyone!