{Friday's Fancies} White Hot

I think white is the perfect color for summer...cool, crisp and breezy. 
There's something a little classic and sophisticated about it too.

Are you wearing white this summer?

here's to a fabulous weekend, can you believe June is here?!
I (finally) have no plans...looking forward to relaxing & cleaning 
hope you have a good one!

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{Guest Post} One-Pieces as Tops!

I am SO excited to welcome Gaby here today! She is gorgeous, talented, and so sweet! 
I'm so lucky to call her a friend.
And this post, love. How creative is she?! 
Transitioning one-piece bathing suits into functional day wear! Gosh, I love this lady.
Welcome Gaby!

Hi everyone! Gaby from The Vault Files thrilled to be posting here on Mae's blog. I adore Mae and I truly admire her multitasking abilities, isn't it incredible that she's a lawyer, a blogger, a business owner, a beauty ambassador, really, Mae I take my hat off!

Today I'm bringing you some summer inspiration with these gorgeous one-pieces. I've been a bikini girl for as long as I remember, but lately I've been seeing some beautiful one-pieces out there. And they are so gorgeous that I think they could totally double as tops at the beach! No need to cover up with these ones!

From heading for a quick drink or some shopping, to sitting down for a light lunch by the beach, I think these one-pieces have you covered, don't you think? Just pair them with your favorite bottoms and great accessories and you're good to go!

TWO: Anthropologie Pink Lemonade maillot / J.Crew Jena Sandals / Opening Ceremony Button Short
FOUR: Anthropologie Arvette Maillot / Elizabeth and James Katia shorts / Vivienne Westwood Melissa Shoes
FIVE: Anthropologie Smocked Halter Maillot / Modcloth Weaving Town Fedora / French Connection Leopard Belt / H&M Shorts

Thanks so much Mae for this oppotunity, it's an honor to be here today ;)


{mullings & musings} I've decided not to tan...

I've been thinking about how to start this post all weekend long. As most of you were probably (hopefully!) frolicking in the water & under the sun to unofficially welcome summer, I thought it would be the best time to bring this up. This may seem trivial, but I think it's critical.  Ok I know this sounds ridiculous, but I've decided not to tan this summer. 

Let me tell you, I'm not thrilled about it. But, I am determined that this is the smart and healthy choice to make. My self-confidence has always been tied to how tan I am. I instantly feel better/skinnier/prettier when I'm tan. Funny enough, most all other cultures value white, porcelain skin whereas ours promotes a tan, leather-like color. BB cream, that has become so popular in the US lately, has been around for ages in Asian cultures and is known to bleach skin. 

I'm from a Middle Eastern background where most everyone is darker skinned, by comparison I'm Snow White! I was always upset about this growing up, wondering why I didn't get the tan gene. So, I would lay out every summer and go to tanning beds for every special occasion. Always within a few days, I turned a rich, deep dark tan. 

Well, as of this summer, no more. I feel a responsibility as a life and style blogger to talk about this subject. I know that some bloggers have started safe sun campaigns, and that is wonderful! I'm not here to tell anyone not to tan, just please be safe. Please wear sunscreen! I can only imagine the damage I have already done to the layers of my skin with all those years in my 20s when I didn't wear sunscreen and just baked under the sun. 

This summer is going to be a real test of my dedication, resolve and most importantly my self confidence. I hope that I can still feel the summer fun, without those golden rays. I still plan on going to the lake, of course! But I will be smart, I will wear sunscreen, and I will not bake in the sun! 
I will not actively seek out a tan.
Really, I'm writing this post so that I can hold myself accountable. Y'all gotta help me out! Because I must be honest, I do love laying out in the sun, the warmth and that beautiful carmel color. But you know what, I love myself and my skin and my health more!

So tell me, what's your sun care routine? 
Are you careful to wear sunscreen? Do you love to tan? 

I hope you're enjoying the last of your Memorial Day weekend!
My best friend's wedding was absolutely stunning! Those of you who follow me on Instagram saw a few snaps from the celebrations. 
My heart is full, what a magical love-filled weekend.

here's to a fabulous week,

Just another quick disclaimer
I'm not trying to be on my soapbox here, as always I just want to start a discourse so that collectively we can consult on the real issues that face us all. Especially those that are perpetuated by the business of style. I would love, love to hear your opinions on this topic.

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{Friday's Fancies} Memorial Day Weekend

{night} polka dot dress //  mascara // red wedges //  earrings //

We're celebrating Memorial Day Weekend on Friday's Fancies this week!
This is my favorite time of year!  Even though I don't love the heat, I do love the lake!
I grew up with summers on the water...playing around on boats and jet skis, camping out, telling stories 
and spending time with my nearest and dearest.

For day, I kept the look simple: jean shorts & a striped tank over a fun bikini
Please, please don't forget sunscreen!
To transition into night, I picked patriotic colors, statement earrings and lots of bold mascara!

I'll be at my best friend's wedding this weekend so even though I won't be splashing around, I will be surrounded by 
my favorite people and celebrating love!

How will you be spending the long weekend?

No matter what you're up to, I hope it's fun & relaxing!


{dream home} stripes in the home

I love to wear stripes. Love them.
But as I've been perusing Pinterest lately, I've noticed stripes all over the home.
Gives a modern edge yet is it still sophisticated
And now, I can't wait to incorporate it into my home decor

Would you decorate with stripes?

until next time,


Olivia Palermo :: summer style inspiration

I mentioned it a few weeks ago, I'm not the best summer dresser. It's just too hot for me to coordinate a stylish outfit. Thank the fashion gods for Olivia Palermo. She's always full of inspiration and when I needed some help with my summer outfit planning, she did not disappoint. 
This girl is amazing.

which look is your favorite?
are you a fan of OP?

hope it's a fabulous week,


{Friday's Fancies} Chambray Summer

I purchased a denim shirt earlier this year, but have only worn it a few times
 because I'm not sure how to style it. Of course, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration

I'm so excited to see what outfits other bloggers put together for this week's Friday's Fancies!
Here's my look, transitioning chambray into summer

hope you have a lovely weekend my dears!


back to basics :: black + white

As I get, ahem, older...I find my style simplifying. I'm drawn to the clean and sophisticated look of black + white, in all areas from home decor to fashion.

There's just something about this combination, it's instantly chic and pulled together.
These looks seem so effortless yet so stylish.

are you loving it too? 
or is it too boring for you?

hope it's a lovely day,


{wear that room} floral + dalmation

Oh Pinterest, you always know how to steal my heart. Just flash me an image of a crisp living room filled with floral art and dalmation-patterned chairs. Swoon. Pops of pink + gold in the room and the outfit are the perfect accent. 
Don't you just love this room?!

here's to a wonderful week, full of lots of pretty!


{Friday's Fancies} Color Crush :: Grey

{dress (similar) // heels (similar) // sunglasses // bag}

First of all, is grey a color?!
I was so excited that this week's Friday's Fancies 
was about our color crush, naturally I was going to pick orange!
But I decided to spare you all from yet another orange/OSU football themed post ;)
I've been majorly crushing on the color grey lately...such a perfect neutral
And while it may traditionally be associated with colder months, 
I think adding a pop of neon makes it just right for summer

are you loving grey?
what colors are you mixing it with?

and to all the moms, happy mother's day weekend!
I owe it all to mine, love you Lili


{lookbook} pink pants

I love these pink pants! There's not much more to be said.  Must admit, I was a bit self-conscious when I wore this outfit last week, prancing around town, running errands for the bachelorette party.  They always put a little kick in my step and make me feel like I'm transported from my little Oklahoma town to the streets of Paris.  But I've said it before, I think I may be a bit much for the locals here in my hometown! ;)

The styling was kept simple, just a sheer BCBG top with lace trim and black patent Michael Kors wedges. I clipped a jeweled flower pin to my shirt and threw on my staple accessories: pearls, gold chain + monogram necklace.

Are you prancing in pink pants?

hope you have a fabulous day whether you're in small town, 
fashion capital or somewhere in between

the beloved barn where I used to take my OOTD photos was recently torn down
so sorry, you're stuck with this boring brick wall for now
at least until I scout out a new location


{fashion files} summertime blues

Confession time: I am a bad dresser in the summer.
Well let me rephrase that, I have no idea how to dress for warm weather.
Give me a cool fall night and I'll show you a stylish & chic outfit.
But as soon as the weather gets hot, I'm clueless.
Who can think about looking put-together when you're melting?!
I don't really like to wear shorts, so most of the time I'm in dresses. 
I just feel so limited.
If I could wear one outfit all summer long, it would definitely be this:

so please help a sister out
what do y'all wear in the summer?
what's your go-to outfit?
do you wear shorts? pedal-pushers?


the bachelorette party in Dallas was amazing!
so wonderful to spend time with one of my closest childhood friends
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time
my heart is full


{Friday's Fancies} A Day at the Derby

This was such a fun week for Friday's Fancies!
I've always, always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby so perusing through these inspiration images was perfect!

I decided my dream outfit for the Derby would be a bit more subdued. 
 The preppy color combo of navy + yellow paired with stripes & dots and feminine little details

I'm dying to know, have any of you been to the Derby?
What did you wear?

Alright lovies, hope it's a wonderful weekend
I'm off to Dallas for a bachelorette weekend!

I'm thrilled to have joined forces with It Works!
a full-service line of body contouring wraps
My passion is to help women look their most beautiful best and 
it's a pleasure to offer these wraps in my arsenal of beauty tools
These things are incredible and the results are amazing!
If you'd like more information, send me an email
Ultimate body wraps are $30 and I can ship them to you!


{fashion files} polka dots :: do or don't

I love polka dots! But as soon I put them on, I instantly feel like a little kid.
Does this happen to anyone else?!

These are my top 2 polka dot pieces that are sure to leave you 
feeling like a chic fashionista not a child.

So, what's the bottom line
Are y'all wearing polka dots?

Can you believe it's already May?!
This officially begins busy season for me
A quick recap of my schedule this month: 
Bachelorette party in Dallas / Wedding in Chicago / 
Toronto for the week / BFF's wedding in Oklahoma
...every week there's something...
here's hoping I get some sleep!