J.Crew Sale // Top 5 Picks

J.Crew is having a sale! Honestly I don't really shop there, unless they're having a sale. I love their pieces -- gorgeous, quality items -- but I'm a bargain shopper. Luckily, now through Sunday only, all orders over $150 get 25% off and free shipping.
Just use the code STYLE25.
Such a perfect opportunity to get a few of those fall favorites I've been wanting.
These are my Top 5 picks! What are you getting? Do tell! 



fashion files // leather sleeves

I've recently decided this one of my absolute favorite trends of the season...leather sleeves. Adds just the right amount of sophisticated edge to blazers and even t-shirts. To say I'm loving it, might be an understand because I'm seriously obsessed. (no seriously, that's the most overused style blogger word, ever.) But I've just yet to meet an item of clothing with leather sleeves that I didn't like!

In other news, I am just so excited that Fall is here! That's really no news though. It seems the weather down South missed the memo, as our temps have still be in the 90s. But that hasn't stopped me from decorating with pumpkins and wearing my boots (around the house...) Work and life are catching up with me big time, it seems I'm always running. And I have been quick to just let some (big) things just go lately. Sometimes a girl just needs a break, no? I'm happy as a clam though and soaking up the good times.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Shop some of my favorite leather-sleeved favorites! Some affordable, and some not so much


fashion files // the chanel brooch

That's it, I need a Chanel brooch.
These inspiration photos have me convinced it's the perfect Fall accessory.
And while we're at it, can we just take a moment to admire (for the millionth time) 
the ever stylish  BEE. I vote her for President! Or at the very least, Chanel spokeswoman. 

have a lovely weekend dears,

it's officially Fall!

photos {via}


fashion files // the perfect fall outfit

Do you ever dream up outfits in your head? I do it all the time, and they get stuck there until I (try to) recreate them.  Well on this dreary Wednesday in the South, I'm dreaming of this edgy chic outfit. It's pretty simple....black maxi dress, leopard scarf, and lots of gold details. Stay tuned for my attempt at recreating it!

until next time,

Affordable (and some not so much) pieces for you to recreate this Fall ensemble:

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streetstyle // NYFW disasters

I love Fashion Week and I LOVE street style photos. 
But let's be honest, there is some fashion that really just should not see the light of day let alone be photographed for the whole world to make fun of admire. 
I try to keep this blog full of positivity and pretty pictures, but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do ;)
Here's a look at some of the street style that I think was a complete disaster!

I know, I know...everyone worships Jenna Lyons and her work at J.Crew is amazing.
And maybe this is just a bad shot of her, but.....
Did anyone else mistake her for a man at first sight?!

The only times I have seen and actually liked this kind of fringe is in pictures -- of Cher 
and of my 70s inspired high school dance.  There's a reason why that decade is dead and gone.

Is that Nicole Kidman? Surely not. I'm sorry but this is just plain scary.

Let's save those pants for the street performers!

Ok seriously, what. is. this. 
Is she wearing a wet suit?

And this last one I included because I think she is just way too thin. The outfit I'm not that opposed to, but when these kind of images, depicting women who look -- in my opinion -- sick, are promoted as fashionable....well, that's not a message I want to support. At all. And I do acknowledge that some women are naturally thin, but I believe the fashion industry has a responsibility to be extra sensitive to this issue.

And because I want to end on a positive note and I really just want my blog to be full of beautiful glossy images ;) here are some of my absolute favorite shots of NYFW street style

What do you think of my hits and misses?
Do you agree with my picks?
What's your favorite look from Fashion Week so far?


This was all just in good fun so I truly hope I didn't offend anyone with my commentary
But I mean really, did you see what is being worn in the name of high-fashion?!

{images via Vogue}


style inspired // black & white bedroom

Happy 2nd week of September! Temperatures have cooled down a bit here in the South, especially at night. It's slowly but surely starting to feel like Fall! Isn't it fabulous?

Today, I'm starting a new series called Style Inspired. You may remember the posts that I've done in the past where I translate rooms into an outfit. While I definitely draw fashion inspiration from interior design, I realized that inspiration really is all around! So those posts are transitioning into the Style Inspired series. I'm so excited to kick it off with one of my favorite color combinations, black and white. These week's inspiration comes from this gorgeous black and white bedroom. The cool clean lines with just a touch of edgy sophistication from the black walls. Love it.

And even more inspiration from Pinterest!

Here's a look at the outfit I styled based on the bedroom above

budget friendly & splurge options to get this look:

wishing you a week full of falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes & scarves

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Check out my first vlog to enter!

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color love // burgundy

Truth be told, this was a pretty difficult post for me to create. I'm not a fan of red, at all. It's the color of my alma mater's biggest rival and as a huge college football fan, I just can't bring myself to even consider any color that resembles Sooner red. Oxblood, burgundy, maroon....call it what you will...it's really just red masquerading as a deep Fall color. Don't you think? However, all that being said, I'm starting to come around (just a bit) to this rich tone. I will admit, it is a lovely warm color for Fall. And it happens to be one of the biggest colors of the season, so in the name of fashion....let's proceed! ;)

Here's my dream outfit with just a pop of burgundy. 
Little by little....

here's to a weekend filled with football, family & hopefully cooler temps!
hope it's fabulous,

And for those of you who want to add some burgundy to your own closet, these are a few of my picks:


Fall 2012 Nail Trends

Happy September! Finally!
And more importantly, Happy Labor Day!
As this marks the official end of summer,
I thought we should continue our look at Fall Fashion
No preview of Fall Fashion Essentials would be complete
without looking at the latest trends for nails. 
This is one of my favorite areas of the beauty world!

I love this look for Fall! Fashion and beauty reflects the tones in nature turning deeper and darker. Rich burgundy and deep purple are gorgeous and when you try navy or black, go for matte polish...it adds a level of luxe sophistication. 
{fabulous options: gray + red shimmer + black}

 Gyaru is a Japanese subculture that includes a very girly-glam style. It's extended to very ornate nail designs usually characterized by lots of bows, hearts, jewels and the signature pointed talon oval shape. Now before you skip right over this trend, give it a chance! There's an easy way to make it accessible for all of us and our everyday lives. The third picture on the right (courtesy of HRH Collection) shows the most wearable form of gyaru, a single accent nail. More on that below...

Although this is a new trend in the US, it's actually the preferred style of nail shape in Europe and of course Japan. The gyaru style features a more pointed tip, but I think a softer oval shape is more delicate and feminine. It also serves to elongate the fingers and is universally flattering. I'm definitely going to try this! 

French tips have long been a classic, but this Fall they're getting a fresh new update with colored tips. Start with a muted nude base, and add black for edgy chic, a pop of color like red for flirty fun or gold glitter for the ultimate girly twist.

And speaking of gold, this might just be my favorite color of the moment for nails. (I say that a lot, I know!) But seriously, there's nothing better than gold it adds warmth and class while still being fresh and fun. Feeling extra daring? Try rose gold!
{try this: rose gold  + gold}

Some of these trends seem more wearable and practical than others but you really can try any of them, just start with an accent nail first! In fact, the accent nail is a trend all in itself. Paint your nails a neutral color and add a pop of interest by painting your left ring finger with glitter polish or adding a little trinket like the gyaru style. You don't have to go all out, you can incorporate the trends slowly. That's one of my best tricks for trying something new. Once you're comfortable with that, try bolder colors. All red nails with a black accent on your right pointer finger. Or....deep purple nails with a gold pinky finger. The possibilities (and fun) are endless! 

Which one is your favorite? What's the first trend you'd like to try?
When you try one of these trends, I'd love to see it!
You can tweet me a pic or tag me on Instagram (@maebad)

thank you for all your love & support of my first YouTube video!
It was so fun to make!
from the video and be on the lookout for another one coming soon! x

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