Gift Guide // Under Fifty!

It's almost December!
Whether you're just now getting started with your holiday shopping or you only need to cross a few more items off your list before you're finished, these pieces are sure to thrill the favorite women in your life. Or yourself if you're so inclined! And the best part is they are each under $50! The holidays and gift-giving are the perfect excuse to indulge in trends and styles you wouldn't normally, so choose the piece with sequins or studs over the plain jane version. You'll love the little extra touch it adds!

Hope y'all had a fabulous holiday weekend, 
ate lots of food, 
laughed with loved ones
and survived shopping!

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It's a sale!

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Enjoy my dears!


Happy Thanksgiving!

As I type this from the comfort of home, surrounded by so many people (and things) I love, 
I'm reminded of just a few of the many, many things I'm thankful for:

1. family, obviously
2. leopard print & gold glitter
3. my hometown during football season where I can shamelessly wear orange multiple times a week
4. the ability to recognize and learn lessons (not always in a timely fashion, but still...)
5. finally finding my passion
6. a tremendously luxe, plush, cloud-like bed
7. my iPhone & WhatsApp for allowing me to communicate with my favorite people around the globe
8. faith, hope, strength, comfort & peace
9. mascara

And of course I'm so grateful for you all! Your support, comments, and inspiration have impacted my life in so many ways! I feel so fortunate to be surrounded with love and family, as always. Last year I was celebrating Thanksgiving with my dearest friends in the Middle East and this year I'm in the heart of the South with my family. 

Wishing you and yours a day and season of all the best! 
Enjoy that turkey! xx

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Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

For those of you doing a little last minute Thanksgiving prep and planning, I wanted to share some of my favorite tablescapes for the big day. Whether it's non-traditional and colorful or simple and clean or classical and rich tones, these tables are amazing. Such beautiful inspiration!

Show me your table! 
Instagram a picture and tag me @maebad

Just a few more days!
hope you're surrounded by love, relaxation & food for the rest of the week!


Inspired Style // Fall Treats

She's a smart cookie, that {av}! When she suggested that we create outfits for Friday's Fancies based on our favorite fall treats, I knew I was in. So this week's style is inspired not by home decor or fashion on the streets...nope, it's inspired by yummy delicious sweets from our kitchen. I'm telling ya, inspiration is everywhere. Rich caramel sauces and candy apple red translate perfectly from desserts to warm cozy knits. And a white watch inspired by cool whip...hello!

Happy weekend dear ones!
Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?
I certainly have so much to be thankful for

speaking of which, thank y'all so much for your sweet comments/tweets about my Facebook fan page fiasco
if you haven't heard yet, I had to start from scratch with my page
would love it if you head over and give me a like, just in case you haven't yet
love & thanks

shop this look:


olivia palermo // bold fall style

I don't know about you guys, but my fall wardrobe consists of black and grey with a few camel pieces thrown in for good measure. This time of year just makes me want to cozy up with darker colors. But, oh Miss Palermo is making me change my tune! Look at the gorgeous bold, rich colors she's wearing this season. I love her no matter what, but she's stunning in these colors.

What colors are in your closet this time of year?
Are you a dark neutrals gal or are you on OP's color train?


My dears, I have to ask a huge favor.
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love it or leave it // the turtleneck

YAY or NAY?!
The first thing I think of when I hear turtleneck is stuffy old outfits from the 80s. Anyone else?
But I think we'd all agree these stunning ensembles are anything but. 
What do you think? Will you all be wearing turtlenecks this fall and winter? 
I think my favorite look is under a blazer! 

And so excited to announce the winner of the Julep giveaway is Susan! Congratulations! I'll be in touch soon!

happy weekend my dears

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fashion files // the plaid shirt

I grew up in Oklahoma. Plaid shirts are everywhere! But I've never thought of them as stylish until I saw them popping up all over street style photos. These ladies know how to make this traditionally country bumpkin shirt look chic! This pattern even inspired my election day outfit: blue & red plaid shirt, big red jewels, navy cardigan and gold glitter shoes (Follow me on Instagram to see! @maebad)

 How are you styling the plaid shirt? x

oh and,
today's the last day to enter my Julep Maven giveaway!

Ok, finally I must say two things about the election which I never do but I feel passionate about these two points. First, I was so disappointed to see all the hate and negativity on FB and Twitter last night. It was actually very surprising to see adults behaving that way! I said this on Twitter too and I truly believe that red or blue we must respect our country and our leader because we're all one human family! And second, Michelle Obama's outfit....please discuss!
That's all ;)

If you're looking to add a plaid shirt to your wardrobe, here are a few of my budget-friendly faves:


heads or tails // polka dots

Which do you like better? 
Polka dot tops or polka dot pants?

I thought it'd be fun to start a new feature called heads or tails
We'll look at ways to style trends/patterns/colors on top and bottom. 
And make an arbitrary decision as to which we like better ;) 

here's to a fantastic second week of November (omg!)

I made some changes to my welcome splash page and my bio. 
Take a peek and let me know what you think.
And, there's still time to enter my Julep giveaway!

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