four favorites // february twentieth

I'm so thrilled to be linking up with Ashlyn + Kristin to feature my four favorites of the week. The past few days have been cuh-razy! But it was really nice to have a space to put together my favorite pretty things and really celebrate the little joys in life.

one // I have been obsessed with coffee table books lately! I purchased two on major sale from Anthropologie, and this Paris street style book is next on my list. Does it get any better?

two // I've also been loving flowers and anything having to do with floral prints. But, not the cheesy floral prints, I prefer clean (and sparse) bunches of flowers. Check out my Twitter background for one of my favorite floral pictures. 

three // These Ulta nail polishes are my favorite!! Nail polish in general is one of my favorite things and I love sitting doing for a little DIY manicure at least once a week. The Ulta polishes are my new obsession because the quality is fantastic, the colors are near dups of Essie and they are only $6 (but frequently go on sale for $2!)

four // As I mentioned, life has been hectic lately. Nothing horrible, thankfully, just dealing with life as an adult and all the responsibilities that come with. So, I'm loving a pretty print of an inspirational message, just the little daily reminder I need. And also important to remember that some of the best (and most favorite) things are not really things at all!

What are some of your favorite things this week?
I'm excited to be participating in this series every week!
hopefully if I can get it together ;)



Lindsay Kauffman said...

I'm also loving florals right now! I will have to check out those nail polishes...always looking for new shades and brands. That print is so cute and a great reminder to always look on the bright sid eof things. Happy Wedneday to you!


Lili said...

oh my I want that book! the cover alone is everything!

Juliana said...

I love the flowers, simple and elegant. The nail polish is a good deal. I friend got me to try Julep, I love the colors but not the price this looks like a good alternative! And grown up real life is something I'm dealing with too! I finished college and now I'm drifting for a bit! I hope your grown up life is coming together! ;)

Miranda Rickert said...

Gotta get my hands on that coffee table book! I'm yucky becoming a coffee table book hoarder and that one looks like It needs to join my collection!

Taylor said...

I need that coffee book! I love going through all of them at anthro too.


Katie Cramer said...

Life as an adult is always hectic! LOL I have been digging floral prints too- we both must be ready for spring!