fun money // skincare vs desktop

The other day I was organizing my closet and I found I had put $20 in one of my purses. I do this occasionally, to surprise myself, but there is also a very good possibility I forgot I had stashed the money away! Sometimes it's just fun to randomly find a bit of a cash to brighten your mood, right? It got me thinking about if I had some fun money what little gift I'd splurge on for myself. So, I narrowed it down to these two options. I've always wanted to try Philosophy skincare and this set seems to be the perfect place to start. But, I am obsessed with planners and I've been researching this Ruseel + Hazel system for a while now. And does that acrylic stapler even really need an explanation?!

Which would you choose if you had $100 fun money to spend?

ps- What do y'all think about turning fun money into a series?
I should certainly be saving, so at least let me play on the blog! ;)


Jasmin Darling said...

I'd go with the skin care products. I'm completely digital with my notes, calendars, to-do lists, etc. and there's not much to keep track of in med school, but those products are charming. Wish I would have splurged on them in undergrad!

My-cliffnotes said...

Desktop for sure. Though both would be fab!


Lili said...

i'd pick skincare or beauty products! im such a sucker for those....

Lily Marek said...

I used that Russell and Hazel binder system as my wedding planner! I loved it, but they get heavy to lug around in your handbag every day.

Lindsay said...

I spend more time thinking about what I would buy with fun money than actual money.